Tuesday Tootsies

I wasn’t quite sure where to go with these.  Are they swim suit shoes?  Bathing suit shoes?  Bikini shoes?  What?? 


Then I found these.  For a pretty penny you can get these awesome shoes that match the bikini.


Regular people probably think of something like these when they think of swim shoes – something to protect feet in rivers and oceans.  Nice colors!


For the more humor inclined, maybe you could wear something like these to the beach.  Tell your friends you brought lunch.


But these, I think, cracked me up the most.  Femme, or flipper?  Heck, why decide?  LOL


Enjoy your days beach-side or pool-side!  Summer is here! 

As always, click the pics for links.  🙂

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. whatigotsofar

    Summer is the worst time to go to the beach. All of those people running around nearly naked in all their nearly naked disgustingness. Some people should not be allowed at the beach. Like guys with hair, everywhere. Like women who are so fat, they control the tides. Like anybody who tans so much their skin is like leather. I hate the beach.

    I pretty much agree with you. I’m one of those people who burns just by thinking about sunshine, so I avoid places that don’t offer much shade.


  2. steve

    Now that black bikini caught my eye … but one has to imagine the rest … 🙂

    LOL I had a feeling that one would garner the most male attention. 😉 And imagination is good for the soul. Or should that be sole, in this instance?


  3. Love the red bikini shoes!

    Aren’t they cute? They look fun, and some shoes should just be fun. 😀


  4. Awesome post, as usual. I had a pair of those neoprene shoes (sadly in dark blue) when I used to go sailing in Greece. They’re really wonderful but you end up with tanned legs and white feet.

    I’d never thought of the tan aspect. And I should have – I got sandal-tan one year many years ago from gardening in my sandals. Sailing in Greece reminds me on Enchanted April. 🙂 Have you seen that one?


  5. Love the fishy ones. The allure of dead fist – men love dead fish. At my age you’d need a pair of those to attract attention.

    What… I am one of the tide-controlling types now. I am trying not to be. I will not go to the beach older and/or fatter in a swim suit. I like to walk the beach OFF season in quiet. In summer, I stay home and function as a door stop.

    LOL Men love dead fish? Seriously? Well that’s something to look forward to! Not! 😀

    I think being a doorstop sounds like an excellent idea. Give me a book, and some coffee, and I’m there!


  6. Have you seen the shoes that look like toe socks? I went to a sporting goods store so my friend could buy a fanny pack to carry her rat in and the most oddly shaped woman I’ve ever seen tried to sell me some of those shoes. WTF?! NO!

    I would love to see someone wearing the flipper heels cuz you know she’s going to end up on her face.

    Shoes that look like toe socks? I don’t think I’ve seen the shoes, but I definitely remember the socks. I even had some in 6th grade, LOL.

    But, I don’t think I’d wear them today either. 😀


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