Thursday Thankfulness

image Some weeks I struggle to come up with something for Thursdays.  I don’t always have a grateful spirit.  In fact, I’m probably more of a complainer – which is why I do the thankfulness thing. 

Count your blessings, things could be worse!”  How often do we hear that and plain dismiss it?  “You think you got problems?  Here, let me list mine and you’ll see how much worse I have it than you!”  As though having trouble in your life was some kind of contest.  Sheesh!  So I do try to be grateful and I’ve tried to start with the little things – the things we tend to overlook.  Everyone’s grateful for their kids, friends, family, etc.  But who thinks about toilet paper, or laundry detergent?  Know what I mean?  Yet, those things have added convenience to our lives in some manner. 

And this week I had no trouble at all with what I’m thankful for. 

Dental floss.

Yep.  Dental floss.  Probably some in nearly every medicine cabinet in America but no one thinks about it much, until you have to.  And this week I had to.  I have a spot in my teeth that seems to be the magnet for every popcorn husk, beef jerky bit, or corn silk string that I ever ate.  It drives me crazy when that happens and I end up diving head first for the floss.  It went through my head, “Ahhh, thank goodness for floss … hey, there’s my post!”  See how my mind works? 

I don’t know when it was invented, but I know they seem to refine it rather often.  Now they have the stuff that gets through teeth that are really tight together.  I know floss can be used for things other than teeth.  For instance, it’s supposed to be a great thread for stuff too.  So it has more than one use, and that’s a bonus. 

And you’re welcome for the reminder to floss today, because I know you forgot last night before you went to bed.  😉

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. whatigotsofar

    Bet you didn’t know: dental floss is made from the pubic hairs of Swedish men.

    Hmm. Swedish male pubic hair, huh? I think someone’s been pulling your leg. Everyone knows it’s made from Yak hair.


  2. Gagging after reading WIGSF’s educational response. That’s all I needed to justify my aversion to flossing. That and the fact that it gets stuck in my teeth and I always have to floss to remove the floss. Lovely, eh?

    So, my vote is for toilet paper today.

    Oh, I hate that stuck floss thing! Have you tried Glide? It’s supposed to help avoid that – and I can only tell you I won’t use anything else now. 🙂


    • Yep, tried Glide, still issues. My dentist tells me I have very, very small gaps between my teeth. That means I shouldn’t have to floss, right;) Thank goodness my mouth isn’t any smaller or I’d have a fang hanging out the front.

      Mine are very tight too, but I’m lucky that Glide seems to work for me. Logic tells me that if you can’t even get floss in there, then you should be good on the food thing too. 😀 Hey, do you remember WaterPick?


  3. I wish to God I could get my husband to floss. He claims he doesn’t know how, and by golly he’s not going to learn.

    Maybe you could suggest to your dentist next time you go that he could use a little educational pep talk?


  4. steve

    I’m not sure that WIGSF’s description is entirely accurate; but if it is, I’m never flossing again!

    LOL He’s wrong, totally wrong! 😀


  5. I quite like flossing but I’m British – so I do it for a week and then give up (because I’m lazy), once every five years.

    Oh the lazy! That’s the hardest part to overcome, isn’t it? And there’s something weird about sticking my fingers in my mouth.


  6. Hmmmmmmmmmm where did I leave it? OR did I throw it out? Possibly used it as a trip wire then again maybe used it as a dog leash. ‘not sure it’s in my budget to get more ya know? Sorry – I have one of those “my dentist recommends it” electric toothbrushes. After using that my head is buzzing so I have to lie down. No time or energy for floss.

    A trip wire – LOLOL That’s a good one! 😀


  7. I forgot to pack my floss one time when I was in Belize. The first day there, I got something stuck between my molars. I went to every store on the island looking for some stinking floss. There was no floss to be found. When I asked the shopkeepers if they had floss, they all gave me the blank stare. Then I backtracked and started looking for thread. None of that either. Five days in a third world country with no floss. I was never so happy to get to Houston in my life.

    That would have driven me crazy. And that you couldn’t find any thread either? That’s just weird – they do sew around the world, why wouldn’t they even have thread?

    Okay, well, there was that one other time…

    Oh do tell! 😉


    • I think on my second trip the shopkeepers were just laughing at me.

      I’m sure there will be a time for the second story. 🙂

      Crazy shopkeepers. Never laugh at the customers! Where they can hear you.

      I’m looking forward to hearing about it. 🙂


  8. When I go to the dentist I get them to give me lots of floss instead of floss and a tooth brush. I am a dental floss freak!
    If I was stranded and could only have three items I would so have floss and lipstick with me as two of my items.

    I knew someone would be – there’s one in every crowd, making the rest of us feel guilty! 😉

    I would absolutely have to have tweezers. Not sure about the other 2 things. 🙂


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