Tuesday Tootsies

With Father’s Day being this coming Sunday, I thought I would do a special Tootsies Father’s Day edition.  Men are hard to browse for, for shoes.  But I did find a couple of things I thought were note worthy.

So, for the gentlemen, here you are and I hope you have a happy Father’s Day and a great weekend, even if you aren’t a dad.  🙂

I thought the little graphic was cute, to kick things off, so to speak. 


Here’s to the Dad in your life!



Now, here are some fine dress shoes for the guys.  Classy, yet understated. 



These, not so much.  I put these here so the guys would know what to avoid when they go shopping for dress shoes.  No self respecting man would be caught dead in these, and no self respecting woman would be caught dead being seen with a man wearing these!  I’m just sayin’!   Leave the Mad Hatter impersonation for another time!



If you need some casual shoes that are not gym shoes, these are a nice alternative.  



These are cool.  When you absolutely, positively don’t want anyone to see that you forgot to wash your black socks and had to wear the white ones!



And of course, last but not least, if I have learned anything about men’s shoes these last few months, it’s that there MUST be a cowboy boot option.  Thanks Steve!  :D  These beauties in alligator skin should work nicely, dress or casual. 



So there you have it – shoes for men, just in time for Father’s Day.  Be kind to your toes, they get you everywhere you want to go!

As always, click the pics for links. 


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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. whatigotsofar

    An excerpt from Death by Feet:
    Eventually, the woman will tell the man what shoes to wear. At that very moment, men, it is less painful to just chop off your own feet with a hacksaw. You have just lost control of your feet. You will spend an entire day standing around a shoe store, trying on shoes that are: a) ugly; b) uncomfortable; and c) not named after a basketball player. These new shoes will replace your Air Jordans. Say goodbye to MJ, he’s gone. Say hello to, well, I can’t pronounce that name, what is that, Czechoslovakian or something. Nike, RBK, Adidas, Puma. This is what we know. Simple laced running shoes. Women hate those shoes because we like them. There is no other reason. We like, they hate. That’s the rule. No exceptions.

    You’ll note that I said, “so the guys would know what to avoid when they go shopping.” I don’t shoe shop for the men in my life. I expect them to be able to do this service for themselves. No rule, so no need for exceptions.

    I may offer suggestions though, if asked.

    I’ve seen your shoe collection. So far, you’re doing just fine on your own.


  2. steve

    Not bad little lady! The dress shoes are pretty nice and the western boots are awesome!

    Thanks Steve! I was hoping you’d like them. 🙂


  3. meonlydifferent

    Im diggin the cowboy boots! These are cool for men or women

    Hey MoM! Good to see you here in your new clothes! I’m so happy you’ve switched to WP – I can’t wait to see your posts come through my Reader. 🙂

    And cowboy boots are always awesome, aren’t they?


  4. Well, my Dad and my Mom are both in heaven and haven’t got the “boot” yet LOL.

    Mark Twain wrote an OK account of “Captain Stormfield’s Trip to Heaven.” It’ s a short story. In it Stormfield makes it to heaven and is assigned a halo, wings, etc. He heads for the cloud banks and the heavenly choir when he sees people returning and ditching these things or asking people to hold them:

    “Will you hold it for me a minute?”

    Then he disappeared in the crowd. I went on. A woman asked me to hold her palm branch, and then SHE disappeared. A girl got me to hold her harp for her, and by George, SHE disappeared; and so on and so on, till I was about loaded down to the guards. Then comes a smiling old gentleman and asked me to hold HIS things. I swabbed off the perspiration and says, pretty tart –

    “I’ll have to get you to excuse me, my friend, – I ain’t no hat-rack.” About this time I begun to run across piles of those traps, lying in the road. I just quietly dumped my extra cargo along with them. I looked around, and, Peters, that whole nation that was following me were loaded down the same as I’d been. The return crowd had got them to hold their things a minute, you see. They all dumped their loads, too, and we went on.

    The old tradition on Mother’s day for men was if your mother were deceased, you wore a white carnation in your button hole, not red. Anyway, I still celebrate Father’s Day.

    I read that Twain story! It’s been several years so I don’t recall most of it, but I do remember reading it. 🙂 And I also remember seeing folks in church wearing those carnations on their lapels when I was a kid. I recall asking why they were different colors and getting the that same explanation. But there was no flower for Father’s Day. I always felt bad about that.


  5. Oh, those Mad Hatter shoes…I can see gay celebrities wearing those.

    LOL Can’t you though? Me too! And thinking they’re so cool. Heh.


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