Witchy Wednesday

image So.  We watched a movie.  I know, shocking, huh?  Rather, Darc watched the movie while I played CivCity Rome on the computer, only turning around occasionally when the screams from the TV were loudest. 

The movie – The Fourth Kind – claimed to be based on true events.  Claimed it used real footage of a practicing psychologist in Alaska.  Shocking.  Disturbing.  These were the “viewer discretion” disclaimers at the beginning of the movie. 

It was pretty good actually.  We kept stopping the DVD, rewinding it to see if we could see anything weird, hear something odd, that sort of thing.  And all throughout the movie we kept saying, “IF this is based on true events, then I know what I’d call it, and it’s not what they’re calling it.”

See, when The Blair Witch Project came out, Darc and I hadn’t been married very long and we rented the DVD to watch it.  I kept saying I couldn’t recall hearing about it, which I found odd because I had lots of books on ghost stories from America’s past, from all regions, that sort of thing.  I’d read about Resurrection Mary long before I moved to Chicagoland, for example.  So to never have heard about this “well known legend of the Blair Witch” … it just seemed odd.  I was certain I’d have read about it if was that well known.  

Turned out I was right. 

So now when we come across something like that, we don’t say we’ve been punked, we say we’ve been Blair Witched.  And tonight we got Blair Witched. 

After this movie, The Fourth Kind, I tried to do a bit of research to see if I could find anything.  Oh yeah.  Hoax.  Big time hoax!  But in a strange way that kind of made the movie more fun and I wouldn’t mind watching it again, with my front to the TV instead of my back this time.  It’s harder to hoax something than it is to document something factual, so the trouble the movie makers went to was kind of outstanding.  I mean, they had to first create the “archival” stuff with other actors, the supposed “real people,” then they had to do it all over again with the “actor” actors for the “re-created” stuff.  Then they mixed it all together.  The police video was awesome, I think.  I mean, that was really a nice touch.  Of all the “footage,” that’s the one that made me wonder if there was any truth to the movie at all.  I’d completely dismissed it as “Witchy” until that part. 

There wasn’t anything gory or really scary about this movie, just weird.  People going through hypnosis and remembering bizarre things type of weird. 

I say get your popcorn and turn the lights off and gather a friend or a few.  I think you’ll have a blast.  🙂

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11 thoughts on “Witchy Wednesday

  1. whatigotsofar

    Oh, witch-EH Wednesday.

    LOL Yeah, something like that. 😀


  2. I feel like I have read about this subject matter somewhere else. I wonder where that was.

    You know, the Internet is full of interesting stuff – maybe someone else had the same idea as I did to post about this. 😉


  3. steve

    I’ll have to request it from Netflix when I send in my next one. I’m getting Collateral today through the mail.
    I checked to see if The Forth Kind was available instantly to watch on my computer (needing something to watch here at work) but it’s not. 😦

    Bummer! I think you’ll like it. 🙂


  4. I liked Rec (the original Spanish version) so I can imagine liking this.

    It was a re-make?! ROFL!! Oh that’s rich!! I’ll have to check around and see if our library has that version – might be fun to see and compare. 🙂


    • Noooo, Rec is a similar film. It is a fake documentary style thingy, not the same thing. Haha! I can see how I misled you… Sorry.

      There HAS been a recent (American) remake of Rec, which is why I pointed out which version I liked. But anyway, The Fourth Kind sounds good. 😀

      OHhhh, I gotcha now. 🙂 Thanks for clarifying that. 🙂

      Yeah, The Fourth Kind was actually kind of fun. We’re going to watch it again over the weekend and I’ll definitely be making some popcorn for it this time! LOL


  5. And so Salem has taught us zip? I like the classic ghostie stories like REBECCA – old crumbling English manor, dangerous cliffs hanging over turbulent waters – a Barrymore or two.

    Then there is Portrait of Jenny Now there is a sweet one.

    Somehow the ghosts in movies past had class and were lasting characters. You knew the ghost wasn’t real but the movie made it real withing the context of the art form. Don’t I sound ike the stuffy professor in lecture hall 666.

    Oh I loved those movies! I just rented Rebecca last week, too. 🙂 and Portrait of Jenny was one of my favorites as a kid, when I caught it on late-night TV. 😀

    This movie we watched though was more about the alien abduction scenario. Totally fascinating on the surface, but I have my own theories. And they don’t include aliens. 😉


    • I can’t think of an alien movie I really, really liked – so foreign to my everyday life you know lol. But I know lots of evil old ladies like Ethyl Barrymore!

      I think there IS other life in the universe and that they have heard our radio signals and, well, they’re just not that interested in us. They must be higher forms of life – worms with an attitude perhaps – something totally unexpected like the toad I stepped on in my garden the other night. Poor lamb. He hopped off but haven’t seen him. I know there are toad stools. How about toad shoes? And how about this Magic wipe ad featuring “showies.”

      I’m not fond of alien movies either, but I am married to a horror writer and he likes that kind of thing. 🙂

      Heheheh, yeah, I’ve known my share of evil old ladies too, LOL. 😀


      • It just hit me. “Ethel” is how you spell Ms. Barrymore’s first name, right”? “Ethyl” – something to do with gasoline for your car in the 1950s – geesh. I need a nap. This really is “witchy Wednesday” and I don’t want anything more to do with it! Humph!

        I think Ethyl was indeed the gasoline. 🙂 Your memory is correct.


      • I think it would be wonderful to be married to a writer of horror or of horoscopes. You both have rich minds it seems to me. Those are the riches that can’t be taxed – they are priceless!

        Da Dawg waxes corny! Tail between legs – moves toward his own site.

        It is wonderful to be married to a writer – specifically this writer. 😀 It was words that first drew us to one another, so it worked out pretty well. 🙂 It is indeed priceless.


  6. One of the servers watched that movie and had nightmares. I might have to give it a try.

    Even though your kids think you have eyes in the back of your head, you don’t. Face forward to watch a movie. 🙂

    She had nightmares from it? That’s interesting. My kids watched it – even my boy ended up watching it, and he typically is still scared of movies like that, but he had no problem. He’d been playing on the computer with me – no pretense there, I wasn’t trying to watch the movie initially, I was trying to avoid it and still be in the room with my family. 🙂


  7. Well, I wrote about my Blair Witch experience over on your hubbo’s blog. Sort of an experience. It is as close as I’m ever going to come to these kinds of films. But hey, glad you had fun with it!

    Heheh, I read that about the sticks. 🙂 Just so you know, it wasn’t scary, and no real jiggly camera stuff.


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