Downside Up

imageNot sure why but this is how I’ve been feeling the past few days.  Have you ever had that blogger’s blasé?  Where you just can’t seem to find the motivation to blog, or anything like that?  I felt like I didn’t even want to look at a computer, and believe me, that’s like an alcoholic saying they didn’t want a drink.  😉

The wonky connection makes it a pain – I think I’m going to name the connection “Tigger” because it’s so bouncy.   

But I’ve had my perspective shifted a bit and now it seems several things make a lot more sense to me and I feel like I have a direction I’m supposed to go in, for the next year at least.  I don’t want to say anything yet and “jinx” it, so I’m not going to make with the details, but … I have a goal!  🙂


I swear, some days I think I’m raising a couple of entomologists.  They got THEM! and Charlotte’s Web again at the library.  Ants and spiders, spiders and ants, that’s what they play all the time!  *shudder*  I may have to have maternity tests done. 


I asked Darc to pick out some movies for us at the library this time.  Guess how many horror films we have?  Guess!  *sigh*  Well, I guess they can’t be any worse than some of the literary chick flick crap I ended up with, trying to be open-minded. 

I did grab Stepford Wives last time.  (The original one, not the crappy remake.)  Man, that has to be one of the scariest movies ever!  I wasn’t planning on getting a horror flick, and it was in drama, not horror, but watching it again after all these years, and having the different life and perspective that I do now … wow.  The real-life horror of Stepford is all around us.  I bet you know a Stepford wife or 2 and don’t even realize it.  What’s worse are the Stepford husbands running around. 


I did a lot of playing around with Darc’s Adobe Acrobat over the weekend.  I made some awesome little signature things!  I’m so proud of myself for my dopey little accomplishment.  :)  I can’t wait for you to see them!  Starting next month.  😀


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9 thoughts on “Downside Up

  1. whatigotsofar

    Stepford Wives… Women who live to serve their man. Oh yeah. That scares me. Scares me so much. The same kind of scared I get when I imagine winning the lottery.

    You probably would love a robot wife. *eyeroll* Which says you’re looking for a maid and not a wife at all.


    • whatigotsofar

      sex with a robot maid, hmm, yeah, Rosie was okay, she was kinda hot.

      The one from the Jetsons?


  2. Yay for goals! I can’t wait to hear what it is.

    It’s a doozy, that’s for sure!


  3. I love the wednesday weasel this week! Once you turn it around “things can only get better from here!” great thinking

    When you are at the bottom, the only way to look is up, right? 😀 Thanks hon. 🙂


  4. steve

    You’ve got a great family!

    Thank you, I do. 🙂 I am very blessed.


  5. OK, does this goal take you away from the ‘puter – and the blog? Gawd, more change without hope. Sigh or rather woof.

    Oh no, nonono! I’m not going anywhere for a long while. 😀 And it’s nice to know I’d be missed. Thank you for that!


  6. I’m feeling very tired of blogging at the moment. But yea you having a goal and being excited about it. Goals are important or we just…I don’t know…waste away.

    Wasting away is never a good thing.

    Oh The Stepford Wives. Have you seen Mad Men? I’m watching the series on DVD. Talk about scary husbands.

    No, I haven’t seen that one. I don’t have TV right now – what’s it about? I mean, like killer husbands, stuff like that?


    • Mad Men is a TV series. It is set in 1960. The men are advertising men, and let me say, this is no PC show. The racism, sexism, anti-semitism is out there in all its glory. The men cheat, they drink, they smoke, they drink and drive, and they think of their wives as little girls who will have dinner on the table when they get home.

      But it is a great show. I mean, its honest about the times, and the story lines are compelling, and the characters are complex. Oh, and the show looks fantastic too. You might want to watch it just to see the appliances in the homes and the dresses on the women.

      Sounds like fun, in some ways. I mean, on a personal level, it doesn’t sound like any 60’s I remember but there have always been pockets of people like that, just as there are today. I bet seeing the appliances and clothes would make me go, “Oh my gosh, I remember that!” 🙂


  7. I knew a couple of Stepford moms when I was growing up. They always had that fake smile even when you spilled cherry Kool-Aid all over their white carpet. I figured they ate a lot of paste when no one was around.

    LOL Paste! Never thought of that! As a former Stepford wife, I can only say I sat around thinking about suicide and/or homicide a lot!

    Somedays when I think of writing something I just sneer at the computer. Our connection has been so slow the last few days I want to throw the whole thing in the trash. I can’t get pictures to load, some of my comments get lost in the time it takes to post them and some pages only half load. I thought it was my son’s laptop and wireless connection, but the same thing is happening to my desktop today. I’m annoyed.

    Heh. Welcome to my world! LOL I can heartily recommend the Lazarus add-on for your Firefox browser – it will remember lost comments and retrieve them for you when you lose them like that. It’s be such a huge bonus for me these last few months. It’s now in the keeper pile of plug-ins. 🙂


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