Friday Funnies

How to clean the house – 

1.  Open a new file in your PC..

2.  Name it ‘Housework.’

3.  Send it to the ‘recycle bin.’

4.  Now empty the ‘recycle bin.’

5.  Your
PC will ask you;

Are you sure you want to delete housework permanently?’
6.  Calmly answer; ‘Yes’ and press mouse button firmly…

7.  Feel better?

Works for me!

From my friend, Mind of A Mom.  Thanks MoM!  😀


From my friend Beth.  Thank hon!  😀

Have a wonderful weekend!  Wow … it’s the last Friday in June!  Halfway through ‘10 already, and Independence Day right around the corner.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. My house was on a tour when I had finished restoring it. I have neighbors who came and and paid money to get in to see it clean.

    Well now, I can get behind that motivation! Money! Heck, if I had people paying to see my place clean, I’d have a spotless place! LOL

    You home sounds lovely – is it a historical one?


    • It’s ca 1910. It was an English thatched roof bungalo design that was enlarged and somewhat “updated” to a more classical look. I have left the earlier “hints” on the place so the evolution that architecture took at the time of the Colombian Exposition in 1910 shines through. I love old houses – updated old houses – restored but comfortable and new baths and kitch. I had a tongue and groove ceiling put in in the kitch – it’s very cottagie. Rambling roses – etc. I just bought another variety of hydrangea called “pinkey winkey.” It’s so NOT me! Lots of pink around – the house is a blue gray with white trim – New England – with plastic picket fence. So flowers are white or pink. I luvs it. Iz trying to keep it in this depression.

      It sounds so cute! I’d love to see it sometime. 🙂 I love old houses too, but not the work involved! In that respect, I’m all for the new stuff, although I’m the first to admit it lacks personality. What I’d really love is a brand new house designed to look like an old Victorian. 🙂


  2. I can get behind that method of housework.

    I think of it as the Computer Method, and it’s definitely my speed! 🙂


  3. Ugh. That cartoon is gross. I won’t let the dogs drink out of the toilet and they get yelled at if they even try.

    Have a good weekend!

    Aw, c’mon, it’s funny! 😀

    You have a good weekend too hon. 🙂


  4. Dogs with straws
    give me pause
    I wonder to what they are connected
    I hope they don’t become infected
    That would truly be a shame
    And they’d have only themselves to blame.
    I would not give a dog a straw
    He could not hold it in his paw.
    But dogs at night are extremely clever
    And would I question their nocturnal actions? NEVER!

    *applause* That was great! 😀 Woo! Awesome job on the impromptu poetry!


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