One thing’s for sure – Darc and I never “Shh” when we watch a movie.  We’re critiquing it all the way through.


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10 thoughts on “Shh!!!

  1. We are quiet the first time we see something right through – but after that it’s like MST3K in here.

    That’s how we are too. I miss that show!


  2. Running, funning commentary with da one ya luv is nice. Iah likes ta seeng along – waatch lots a muvees alonze ‘cauz mahcaterwauling is off kee!.

    LOLOL Don’t worry, my caterwauling is way off key too! 😀


  3. Well, we’ll never be able to watch a movie together because I hate people talking while I’m watching a movie or tv show for the first time. Hmmm. Darc has said he can’t suspend disbelief much, but maybe it is hard to suspend disbelief you’re talking all the time? Now, if I’m watching something for the 2nd or whatever time, then I don’t mind so much. Although I hate it when people keep asking me things like, “What’s going to happen?” or “Who’s that guy?” or anything like that. And don’t you miss things if you’re talking over them? That probably isn’t a problem for action films, of course. It depends on the film.

    Well, we weren’t totally raised by wolves. 😉 If we were with other people we’d hold our tongues. It’s because we’re with each other that we know we can get away with it, and rewind if we need to.

    That’s one of the reasons we won’t go to theaters anymore, because people act like it’s their living room with no regard for the other patrons. We’re really not that hypocritical. 😀


    • Oh, I should’ve qualified that. I knew you meant at home. I didn’t actually think you were like at the theater. But even in my own home, I hate people to talk. Once at the movies I caused a scene by moving to a new seat because of people talking. I stood up and said (loudly), “I paid to hear the movie, not the people around me.” My roommate was embarrassed, but I did get a meek apology for the loudmouths behind us.

      Obviously in your own home, talk as much as you want!

      If you were here and we put a movie in, we wouldn’t say a word. 🙂 I brought that up once a few years ago. “You know, if we had company, we’d have to shut up during this.” “I know, we’d have to wait until it was over to pick it apart.”

      For us, watching a movie is almost like a sport – who’s the bad guy, and who can figure out the ending first. 😀


  4. I usually watch movies by myself so it is quite here! LoL

    I do that too – so does Darc. That way he can watch his horror stuff and I can watch my stuff. Which I don’t even know what my stuff is anymore. I hate comedies (I know! Weird, huh?) and can’t stand the “chick flick” type things either.


  5. I’ll only talk over a movie if that’s the only way to make it interesting. If it’s a good movie, it gets my full attention.

    Interesting – LOL. Have you ever seen MST3K?

    We talk when it’s quiet in the movie so we don’t miss anything, and then we end up rewinding anyway. But it’s a fun way for us to kill an evening. 🙂


  6. I’m a talker. “What are you DOING? THAT’S never going to work! LOOK OUT! He’s behind you! HAVE you lost your mind?!” That sort of stuff.

    And that picture’s rather creepy.

    ROFL! You sound so much like me! 😀 “RUN!! You moron, didn’t you figure that out yet?!”


  7. Bobette prefers quiet during movies and TV shows. It is really hard for me.

    You like to add commentary too?


  8. Onyx

    I love to go to the theatre, and I hate when people chat there… but I love watching movies at home, because we love to discuss what we’re watching. It’s a bit of a catch 22

    I suspect that’s how we’d be, if we were willing to go to the theater. I used to love going, but it’s so expensive now. I haven’t been inside one since I was expecting our son back in 2001.


    • Onyx

      Oh it’s crazy expensive… we have Airmiles here (I don’t know what the American equivalent would be, but basically it’s a points card, incentive to buy more sometimes, or just to shop somewhere in general), and one of the rewards you can redeem your points for are theatre tickets. 175 points will get you two adult tickets, two large pop, and a jumbo popcorn, but we don’t like pop or popcorn, so the one time we went with that coupon we thought it was a waste. So now we redeem for the BOGO tickets. 25 points get you one adult ticket at regular price, and one free… which we like. So we go for $10 instead for $20, much easier to budget a bit for some fun. The only catch with them is you can’t always use them in the first week a movie is released, but that’s better anyway, typically not as many people.

      We went the other night for Toy Story 3, paid full price – never again! $35 for two tickets, a water bottle, and some pretzel bites.

      $35?! WOW! I think last time I went it was around $8 per person for tickets – can’t recall what treats might have been. But man oh man, that’s just outrageous! No wonder I don’t go to the movies anymore!


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