Thursday Thankfulness

imageI had to laugh when I saw this picture.  It almost feels a little like Christmas when the pizza guy brings the pizza to my door.  It’s been a while, but pizza delivery is one of those things I’m grateful for. 

When I was a little girl, one of the neighborhood girls who babysat me taught me about making crank phone calls.  See, we had a nosy one on our street.  A regular Mrs Kravitz who had to butt into everybody’s business.  So one night while babysitting me, my sitter taught me how to order a pizza for the neighbors.  Since my room had a bird’s eye view of Mrs Busybody’s house, we sat in the dark and peeked through the blinds until the pizza came, then giggled about it afterwards.  I think she was a frequent victim of the pizza prank.  This was long before the days of caller ID too, so the poor pizza places never knew they were also being pranked until it was too late. 

I still feel guilty.

And I always think of that much loved babysitter and that poor neighbor lady whenever the pizza man comes to my door. 

But I am oh-so-grateful that I can just pick up the phone and have food brought to me.  Now THAT’S what I call hunting and gathering!  😉

So what’s your gratefulness this week?  Do you have one? 

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. whatigotsofar

    That photo is doctored and rather poorly I might add. You can tell by the shadow and the border around the cat itself.”

    You know, you’re way too hard on the lolcats pictures. I think your expectations for photographic quality might be a wee bit too high.


  2. My brother crank called a pizza place when we were kids. Call display did exist. 😦

    Rut-roh! Did you guys get in trouble?


  3. Onyx

    My first crank call was when I was in grade 6, so I was about 11. I was at a friends place, with another girl from school, and her older brother thought it would be funny. So we began flipping through the phone book making calls, specifically to anyone who had a last name that made us giggle.

    Call Display existed, but was a bit of a rarity where we lived. Very small community, some people still had those horrible party lines even!

    So we call this one place, and no one answered. Whatever, we moved along through the phone book. Later that evening, my friends father comes home for supper – and being the good girls we were, and wanted him to allow us to stay up late to watch scary movies, we made supper for him to suck up. We’re all sitting around the table eating, when the phone rings. None of us thought anything of it,, why would we? Mr. G answered the phone, and he explains to the person on the other end that he must have the wrong number. I guess buddy on the other end insisted Mr. G was lying and persisted, which didn’t go over too well with him. Mr. G began yelling into the phone, calling him every name under the sun! Oh my virgin ears! I’d never heard such profanity all at once! We all looked at each other, half scared, and half amused. It had to be one of the crank calls.

    Mr. G ends his rant by hanging up on the guy. He continued cursing and yelling about what an effing a*hole that ignorant sob was to call his house, and cause such a scene.

    We still were able to watch scary movies though. 🙂

    Hahahaha! That’s so funny! Well, you know. 😀 At least you still got to stay up late and watch movies, right? And dodged a major parental bullet!


  4. whatigotsofar

    Oh, I’ve got a crank call story for you.
    I used to work at this record store. My manager liked to make crank calls to Chinese food restaurants. With the tele-conferencing capabilities of the phone system in the store, my manager would call two different restaurants almost simultaneously and connect the two lines. So both restaurants would have their phone ring and answer thinking they were getting an order for deliver/take-out. Meanwhile, my manager would be listening on a muted speakerphone so he could hear everything and they’d only hear each other.

    LOL I can almost hear all the “hello’s” going back and forth! He must have been pretty bored.


  5. Onyx

    I guess I am thankful for call display, now that I am thinking about it. We get crank called a lot at my work by kids.

    They think they’re so damn funny. They call, we answer, they ask “do you have Battle Toads?”, we tell them “no, we do not” (because we’re not allowed to yell at them), they giggle hysterically, and hang up.

    Happens every couple of weeks, we’ll get a spurt of them. It’d be nice if they’d call and it was actually funny, or original.

    Do you call them back and threaten to tell their parents now that you can see who’s calling?


  6. steve

    Some funny crank calls can be made if you have a helium baloon around. 😉

    HAHAHAHA! See how uncreative I am? I never thought of that! LOLOL What a funny trick! “”Hi, I’m a Munchkin, have you seen the yellow brick road?”


  7. When we moved from Cody to Meeteetse my son was having a late night pizza craving. I told him I didn’t have any pizza and he asked if we could have one delivered. Sorry kid, you’re in the sticks now. No pizza delivery here. No grocery store. No hardware store. No…

    Goodness, that has to be rough for teens. I had a friend who lived in the sticks like that and when I’d visit her, we’d watch the grass grow and listen to the cows lo. It was actually pretty relaxing. 🙂 But I’d really miss pizza.


  8. This Thursday I am grateful I had pudding mix and milk in the house so I could calm a chocolate fit.

    Oh my, I found an old can of chocolate cake frosting that came in handy like that once! I know how you feel! Major ‘whew’!

    I used to make crank calls with my friends when I was little. I’ll just bet Whatigotsofar still makes them, LOL.

    LOL He probably does. I was never brave enough, but I could get my friends to do it sometimes. 🙂


  9. I’m grateful for having Brandon around. He is the absolute light of my life.

    Children make such a huge difference, don’t they? They really are a blessing. 😀


  10. I used to deliver pizza so I know something about prank calls. And I know about calls meant to set a driver up to be robbed, which happened to a coworker of mine and might’ve happened to me but I knew a suspicious place when I saw one. So, not a fan of the prank call.

    I promise, I have never pranked a pizza place, and I have learned a lot since I was 7!

    Times are really differennt now too, sadly. There were a lot of pizza driver hold-ups in the town next to me a couple of years ago – it was really bad. A few guys were killed. Eventually they put some undercover cops on the case and caught the guys, but man, you shouldn’t have to be so afraid to just deliver a pizza.


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