Tuesday Tootsies

Well, my friend WIGSF gave me a hard time for not doing a Tootsies post dedicated to Canada.  He’s a very patriotic Canadian, with a devoted love for his country, and apparently last Thursday was Canada Day, similar to our Independence Day. 

So, in honor of my friend, here are some shoes dedicated to our friends up north.  🙂

For the ladies! 




I also found a whole bunch of great Canada shoes at this link:

Flag Of Canada Keds Shoes





These are in the Ontario Province flag.   Each province has a flag shoe at the link above, so no matter which part of Canada you’re in, you’re covered.  🙂




These are pretty cool – I like how the Maple Leaf kind of radiates out.


So there you go, WIGSF!  Shoes you can wear to show of your national pride.  😀

As always, click the pics for links, and have fun nationalizing your toes!

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. whatigotsofar

    Excuse me, if these are Canada shoes, where are the skates? Where are the snow shoes? Where are the boots? It snows 12 months a year up here. Regular shoes have no use in Canada. These shoes are only useful after we take that dogsled to the American border and cross into the States. We can’t wear those up here.

    You’re on your own for that sort of stuff. How the heck am I supposed to know what you people wear up there? I found shoes celebrating Canada – you’re welcome!

    And you better be scooping up after those dogs, that’s all I’m saying.


    • whatigotsofar

      You don’t have to pick up dog treats until the snow thaws. And in Canada, that’s just a theoretical situation.

      It’s 90 degrees up there, you’re sweating like a pig, a transformer has blown due to the heat, and you’re trying to convince me that snow thaw is theoretical? I wanna see this phantasmagorical uber-tough Canadian snow that doesn’t melt at 90 degrees! Pictures! I demand pictures, with date proof, like the newspaper or something.


  2. WIGSF is patriotic? This is news to me. I invited him to a Canada Day BBQ and he declined. Doesn’t sound very patriotic.

    Eh, well, he said he was. And he was patriotic enough to complain about me not having any Canada shoes.

    I think he had to work on Canada Day, maybe that’s why he didn’t go to your BBQ. I’d have gone, even though I’m not Canadian.


    • Patriotic but miserable.

      I like the Converse “radiating” ones.

      You’re miserable? How come hon? I’m sorry to hear that – anything I can do?


  3. WIGSF – you are encouraging those yanks who think it snows up there 365 and arrive at the border with skiis in July. It has happened.

    Seriously in winter on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, it is magnificent. There is an underground observatory just beneath the falls – huge icicles and etc. A wonderful experience if you don’t have a brother along saying “we have to move on, we have to keep to the schedule.” The Army never lets go of the man. Grocery shopping with him while on visits is also instructive. “We haven’t got time to read labels; we have this list….”

    And about that brother: He once drove back to school in Illinois via the Canadian route so he could have white vinegar on his fries. My family are loyal I mean is loyal. I know that up there they used to use singular of a verb whn we used plural and I have been confused ever since.

    I’ve heard of that vinegar on fries thing. I could never eat that. There are some companies that sell vinegar chips too, down here.


  4. livingthelifeofmagoo

    Ohhh I so want to see him wearing the first ones! LoL

    Hahahahaha! That would be funny! 😀


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