Audacious Advertising

As most of you know, my husband is a writer.  Today I have an opportunity to do a bit of shameless promotion, so I figured I’d be as brazen about it as I could be.  :D  Hie yourself over to AT THE BIJOU and check out one of Darc’s stories that they’re featuring today.  They’ve done a great job adding some pictures to the story he sent them to use, jazzing it up visually.  So get on over there, do some reading and some commenting, and then hurry back over here to see my post for today.  Don’t forget now!  Read, comment, come back.  😀


Thank you, Absolutely*Kate!  :D  It looks wonderful! 


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9 thoughts on “Audacious Advertising

  1. Very nice. I’m betting the missing girls were all problem customers. 🙂

    Hahahaha! You’re killing me here! They probably told the server they were ready to order when they weren’t, and then asked 101 questions about the side dishes, and then wanted to know why the salad bar didn’t come with their meal and cost $4.99 extra. 😀

    Now you know what to do with all the stupid ones, YC, now you know. Mwuhahahaha! 😉


  2. Was Wendy’s chili the inspiration? Loved it. Loved the world created so succinctly. Ecnomy of words so important in something like a work almost approaching poetry. This was poetry for the senses. It’ll be a long time before I trust someone who smokes a cigar!

    I especially liked the description of smoking and a smoker – it hit a nerve here. I had a grandfather who smoked cigs via an ebony and gold holder. He NEVER looked at how long the ash got at times but I did. He had ash radar. Without looking at it, he knew when he had to flick his thumb under the holder and go on to the next one. He might have had other talents but none so fascinating. Like Proust, DK brought it all back! DK, I like your writing.

    I could expand upon my feelings reading D K’s offering but I really hate these things. I never read the New York Times Book Review; I read the books. I’m a big girl I can speed read and decipher dust jackets all by myself.

    Wendy’s chili – hahahaha! I take it you don’t like it? I’ve never eaten it.


  3. whatigotsofar

    Reading, bah!

    I know you read. I know you bought a book by a friend of mine a couple of years ago. He’s been working on the sequel too, you know.


  4. steve

    Enjoyed it. Good stuff as always!

    I’m so glad. 🙂


  5. What a writer to en-counter over the finger sandwiches.

    What a lovely loyal wife to plug so shamelessly well.

    We’re all going to be keeping an eye on the two of you. Popcorn sales are pointing up.

    Thanks you dynamic duo,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

    Thank you Kate, for the lovely way you put it all together over there. 🙂


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