imageIt was a fierce battle, one to the death. 

Legend tells of the legendary battle when the gallant Knyt of legend heard the cries of distress from his lady fair, her swearing screams of fear.  He yelled bravely urged her to safety in the castle with the wee babes, while he sought battle alone, and without shield, against the attacking villains.  She ran into the shelter of the domicile, and grabbled the Raid magical spear of death and took it back to her Knyt with all haste.  She tossed him the Raid legendary lance and the gallant Knyt fearlessly sprayed hurled it toward the wasps invading marauders that had taken up hiding inside the mirror side-view reflection device of the Knyt’s carriage. 

After a legendary battle of epic proportions, the victor stood over the bodies of his victims.  They numbered at least a dozen or more.  His lady, with thumb and wrist swollen and stinging from the vicious ambush of the barbarians, thanked him profusely and with gratitude, her hero.

Seriously, the biggest shock came when I realized – after I rolled my window down – that what I was seeing behind the mirror, in that space between the casing and the mirror itself, was not some kind of corrosive build-up, but was in fact the top of a wasp’s nest about the size of my fist.  Thank God I’m not allergic to wasp venom, right?  :)  The swelling is going down but it’s still kind of achy and tender, and hopefully will be totally better by tomorrow or the next day. 

And that pretty much maxes out my excitement bar for the rest of the year!

I think the last time I got stung was by a bee back around 1980 or so.  What about you?

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12 thoughts on “Wednes—WASPS!

  1. whatigotsofar

    I always have wasp hives around my house. Currently, I’ve got one above the left garage door and one on the left pillar by the front door.

    Of course, by wasp, I mean W.A.S.P.

    Oh that was nasty! I was expecting to see a picture of someone more like myself, because I am a W.A.S.P., but I wasn’t expecting that!

    And if you have that living by your garage and front door, I’d get a bigger can of Raid, or I’d move.


    • whatigotsofar

      You don’t remember W.A.S.P. What were you doing in the 80s?

      Working, getting married, starting a home and family. Not listening to the radio anymore.


  2. “side-view reflection device”…LMAO!

    LOL, yeah, I won’t win any cleverness awards. 😀

    This place is Wasp Heaven. Our house is ancient and neglected, so there are millions of cracks and holes and dark places for the wasps to nest, and we battle them every year. The worst is in my shed office, because they hang out near the window at the top of the tiny, precarious staircase which I must climb to access my office.
    I guess we’ve learned to live with each other, because it’s been several years since one of us was stung.

    The bigger threat now are the bees hanging out around the clover, which is all over the yard. Every kids gets stung at least once a year by stepping on one. I tell them to wear flip flops, but you know kids.

    They do love the big old houses, and the lazy old cars too, it seems. Crazy wasps. Darc thinks they went after our vehicle because to a wasp it probably looks like a big green shrub.


    • Oh, and I hit send before I added my commiseration for your unfortunate injury. 🙂 The DarcKnyt lived up to his name, huh?

      He sure did! You should have seen him wielding that can of Raid! 😀 And he kept telling me to “stay back, stay back dammit, get in the house before you get stung again!” Modern-day-speak for “I will protect thee woman, hie thee to safety whilst I battle these dragons!” 😀


  3. I am so sorry for you having to suffer the “stings” and arrows of nature. I have been stung multiple times and of course it gets worse each time.

    My brother has bee hives out in Iowa. I am glad they are there and I am here. He wears a space suit to tend the hives. I did it ONCE. Then thought how stupid I was being to tempt fate.

    I have wasp nests here all the time. The love the nooks and crannies of old houses as Sherri has said. Feel better, V

    I will hon, and thank you. Yes, they do get worse each time, but seeing as I’ve gone 30 years since the last time, I’m hoping it’ll be at least 60 before the next one, and by then I’ll be dead. 🙂

    Honey bees though, that’s pretty cool, what your brother does. 🙂


  4. Bob

    Funny story. I don’t think I have ever been stung by a bee.

    If you had, you’d remember it. You are a lucky one, and wise to stay out of their way. 🙂


  5. steve

    Haven’t been stung (by a bee or wasp) for decades.

    I was able to say that too, until yesterday! LOL Oh well, I guess now I have to say, “I’ve only been stung once in decades.” 😉

    Those other kinds of stingers, yeah, they suck, big time.


    • steve

      Amen sister!

      I vote for giant cans of Raid for those kinds of stingers. Put them out of our misery. 😉


  6. delaney55

    I had a post today about our running battle with mud daubers and how they have taken over our pool. I feel ya’. At least neither of us has been stung. (Yet!)

    Taken over the pool?! Goodness, that’s bad! Yes, at least you haven’t been stung, but it sounds like it’s time to start charging pool fees, at the very least. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by Delaney, good to see you here. 🙂


  7. I would have been terrified! Poor you! I haven’t been stung for decades but I am still frightened of bees and wasps.

    My son had nightmares about wasps that night. 😦 I spent the next day showing him that I was fine, that it was just an annoyance, no big deal, and nothing to be frightened of.

    Of course, it’s easy to say that with only 2 little stings. 😉


  8. Yak! I didn’t get stung by a bee or wasp until I was 39 years old. A nurse told me to mix dish soap and sugar to form a paste and put that on the the wasp sting. It will burn for a minute or so, but after that all the pain, itching and swelling will go away. It’s like a miracle.

    Sorry to hear your Waspday went so bad.

    Sugar and soap, I’ll have to remember that! I dabbed some witch hazel on the stings and that seemed to help. The swelling was only bad for a couple of hours, and I took an anti-histamine too, so that helped a lot.


  9. Onyx

    I was 18, and I was in a neighboring town, driving home from the mall. I felt something on my neck and thought “oh shit!” Slapped the area, to find a wasp or something laying in the centre console beside me. So I pulled over into the farm market to ask for a band aid, when I walked in and explained to the girl what happened… she hit panic mode.

    “Holy shit, are you allergic?” (Um… Wouldn’t I be dead by now?) “Are you dizzy? Are you okay? Do you want me to call someone? You should sit, and stay for awhile to make sure you’re alright”

    Finally, after about a half hour of insisting I was fine (and pointing out that if I were allergic, it’d be obvious by this point) she let me leave.

    Oh my goodness, that’s kind of funny! Yes, if you were allergic, it would be obvious pretty quickly! After I got stung, Darc asked me if I was allergic. I realized that I’d only been stung by bees before and not a wasp but I was pretty confident I wasn’t allergic. We did some research after and found the venom for bees and wasps is totally different, and you can be allergic to one and not the other.


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