Oh, I SO felt like this when my daughter was born!  Darc was lucky he got to hold her!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl today!  🙂




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9 thoughts on “No

  1. whatigotsofar

    I take it this is her fourth birthday.

    Did you not see the big 5 cake, covered in little frosting 5’s?


  2. Your memory’s a little … SKEWED, there, kiddo. YOU held her SECOND. DADDY held her FIRST. YOU’RE the lucky one.

    You held the boy first. I held the girl first.

    Happy birthday to my baby girl!


    • Incorrect. You were exhausted from the effort of pushing her out. I had to reach down and get her from the water. I blew in her face and couldn’t get her to breathe at first; THEN, and ONLY then, did you say “Give her to me” and got her breathing. (Still don’t know why I stink at that.)

      I held BOTH children before you did. Again, your memory is flawed.

      I remember blowing on her face, I don’t recall you handing her to me. Oh well. I do distinctly recall her 15″ head though!


  3. steve

    Happy birthday little one!

    Thanks Steve! I’ll save you a piece of cake. 😀 Wish you were here. *hugs*


  4. Happy birthday to the Mini Ness!

    Thanks hon. 🙂


  5. cccake? Oooooh! Looks so good oh yes and of course, I will cease my food focus and in all sincerity wish DF and DK a happy day with a little one you can hold over and over until she is old enough to say “oooooh, Daaaad or ooooooh, Mom – come on, I’m not a baby anymore.” My mother came back at me with either “you will always be my baby” or “I’m still the mother.” And you know, my brothers and I never doubted it!

    It’s white cake, dyed a light neon green at the birthday girl’s request. I saved a piece for you, knowing of your sweet tooth. I did take all the calories out so it’s guilt free. 🙂

    Yes, she will always be my baby. 😀


  6. I have a birthday present. Go to this wonderful website and enjoy the view:

    It’s the Rosetta project.

    Oh how wonderful! Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift! 🙂 What a great idea.


  7. Aw, happy birthday, Little V!

    Thanks lovey!

    Glad you’re home safe. Check your email.

    Love you! *hugs*


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