O my god, they got Johnny!!!

Johnny!  Oh noesssss!!!!  What have they done to you??!! 


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9 thoughts on “O my god, they got Johnny!!!

  1. whatigotsofar

    Hand me a broom stick. I gotta pinatta to break open.

    *hands broom to WIGSF* Go for it – just be careful, you have no idea what could be inside. 😉


  2. Can’t top WIGSF on this one. Just a little story. 3 years ago my brother and his wife made me accept a ticket to Norway to visit the cottage(hutte?) overlooking the most beautiful fjord owned by friends (he is Norwegian). I had my own little cottage! [edited at author’s request] Sad to say, next year they had to sell the cottage. My brother was right, it was a once in a lifetime experience and that made me decide to go. Good men in my family, good men in my friends’ families. I keep choosing — ah well. Life with college students and a JRT – things could be worse. Korean feast last night for example!

    I edited for you dear, I hope the stuff I left in was okay! And just so you know, when my son ran in and saw the picture, he said, “What in the world is on that dog’s head?” So don’t feel bad – the picture was a bit blurry and deceptive. I didn’t realize that when I originally posted it.


  3. I left a birthday present for the babe under the last post.

    I saw that, and thank you so much! That was so sweet of you. 🙂


    • OMG I now realize that what I thought was {…} O just delete all of this will you? And to think Huffington Post linked to me today for an Al Franken Spread and Legalinsurrection made me blog of the day. Thank goodness they never see my comments on other blogs! I need new glasses!

      All relevant parts now deleted. 🙂 Hopefully to your satisfaction!

      You are getting popular with all those link-backs!


  4. I want some of what Samhenry is taking…

    She is high on life! 😀


    • ROFL Blogmella – my bathroom stories like all the rest of my stories should be kept on my blog. I keep forgetting where I am – it is so comfortable here!

      I’m so glad you feel that way. 🙂 Thank you.


    • Blogmilla I’m not on anything – just can’t see. OY


  5. Hilarious!

    Thanks Izaak! 🙂


  6. We used to have a stuffed Alf and our cat was completely freaked about it. I thought it was pretty funny since Alf was supposed to eat cats and all.

    LOL That is funny! I remember that show! I think I watched it once. That’s funny how your cat got freaked by a stuffed animal. Maybe it’s a vision thing they have – they seem to do that kind of frequently. Mine would do that too sometimes.


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