Tuesday Tootsies

There’s a saying around here that goes something like this: “Chicago only has 2 seasons … Winter and Road-work!”  It tends to be followed by lots of guffaws of the person sharing their … wisdom.  But it got me to thinking about what kind shoes I could blog about this week, especially when I realized I had a few saved up I could combine into a theme.  🙂

These must weigh a ton with that big cement sole.  But imagine the workout your legs would get!  You’d have shapely calves in NO time.  :)  Or, if you wore them to a nightclub, you could give a whole new meaning to the term “pole dancing.”  ;)  Hey!  Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is buried in there!




Need a lift?  Bahahaha!  Okay okay, I’ll stop.  :D  These must be for the mechanic’s wife.  Her husband’s name is Jack. 




I have no idea what these are supposed to be, but they looked mechanical and construction-y, and they’re yellow, so … win!  I keep imagining that every step makes a clanging sound though. 




Then I found these, “made of screw nuts, metal plates, metal thorns, and leather.”  I bet you could find some on that on a Chicago road.  😉


Boy, some slippers sound really good right about now!  Road work is bad enough in a car!  Be nice to your tootsies, they get you everywhere you want to go.  😀

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. whatigotsofar

    I prefer it when the women wield the tools.
    I’d let this woman screw me anytime.
    I’d grind with this woman too.

    It’s nice to see you aren’t intimidated by powerful women. 😉


  2. I can’t wear really interesting shoes anymore but I still love to look at them and handbags.

    As a student in Paris in the mid ’60s, sling backs fascinated me. They were over there and not here. They looked so sophisticated. But herein is the problem. I am very tailored. Bows and slingbacks make me look like a hooker. On French women who only eat half their meals and look great in anything because of their language, they were magical.

    These belong in MOMA! If I had kids your age, I’d be afraid they’d play with them. I knowI would!

    They are almost like little personal pieces of art, aren’t they? I have no idea what the fascination is with shoes, but I seem to have always had it.

    What is MOMA? Is that like a mom’s organization? And what were you studying in Paris in the mid 60’s, besides the French men? 😉


    • MOMA = Museum Of Modern Art in NYC. But who needs MOMA when you have the Chicago Art Institute or whatever it is with all of those lovely large paintings by Monet. I just got clued to the fact that “CSM” is the Christian Science Monitor.

      I was in Paris studying how to spend money needlessly LOL. Actualy, I was attempting to get the French Language and its literature down in a special course of study for a year. Languages are not easy for me because am dyslexic. I have a passion for French and literature. Don’t ask me to do simple math. All I know is you should have two shoes.

      I took French in HS, and barely recall any of it. Paris must have been a blast as a young woman, free and independent. 😀

      I always had a fascination with Marie Antoinette. I know she was originally Austrian, but she did rule as the last Queen of France. If she had known she’d be the last Queen of France, she might not have taken the job. It seriously was not worth losing one’s head over.


  3. The shoes are getting stranger and stranger. Time to get back to some shoes we’d actually want to wear.

    Hmm, yeah, I guess I have been focused on the bizarre a bit lately.


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