Wednesday Whittles

I had an interesting dream where Brad Thor was hosting his own talk show.  Yes, that is sometimes the kind of thing I dream about.  :)  I thought it was kind of a cool idea, personally.  I mean think about it – political thriller author hosting talk shows.  It would probably generate a lot of passionate discourse.  Heh.  So I went to his website to see what he was up to – in real life not in the dream – and it turns out he’s got a new book out, and is planning on another one later this year and one next year.  And now I’m 14th in line to get the latest one at my library. 


I felt kind of irritated with Giselle this week.  Yeah, that Giselle, Tom Brady’s wife.  Being a Patriots fan and trying to follow news of them when I can, sometimes she makes the cut too, for the simple fact of who married her.  She blew a great opportunity, I think, in what she could have accomplished.  She said that there ought to be a worldwide law forcing women to breastfeed for the first 6 months of their baby’s life.  Yep, a law that forces women to do something with their bodies that they may or may not want to do.  Worldwide, no less!

Later, after getting a lot of flack about that, she backtracked her comments and said she was just talking. 

What’s irritating is that she had such a great chance here and dropped the ball.  Honestly, I’m a huge supporter of breastfeeding, and I’ve spent a good portion of my life engaged in that activity, and I would (and do!) encourage any woman considering it to go for it.  It’s one of the best things you can do for your baby, and yourself.  But not every woman can, and not every woman wants to.  What Giselle could have done, and didn’t, was express her own positive feelings about it and encourage other women to consider it.  She could have talked about the health benefits to both baby and mother.  She could have talked about how it can bond a mother and child and strengthen their relationship.  Instead she made it sound like it’s something distasteful that needs to be forced on women.  Way to setback, Giselle!   🙄


I learned a lesson this week – the little strainer, the one that’s like 2-cup size, does NOT help boost a wireless signal.  Repeat – the small strainer does NOT boost the signal!  Mayday!  Mayd– 

Back to the big strainer.


My son thought that Christine was mislabeled when he saw the “horror” tag on the video case.  My son, the one who hates horror movies.  Now he searches for THEM! and Let the Right One In every week at the library. 

Honestly, Christine was better back in ‘83. 

And how has your August been so far?

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Whittles

  1. whatigotsofar

    That is so weird. I also had a dream about Thor hosting a TV show. It was one of those political-themed ranting shows, like a Glenn Beck or Keith Olbermann kind of show. But in my dream, Thor was ranting about how Loki was disrespecting Odin and all of Valhalla. He promised to crush Loki as Loki was his Mjollnir of the Week or something or other. The panel discussion was about foreign trade or something. His guests on the panel were Captain America, Guardian and Captain Britain. Ironically, everybody was getting on Guardian’s case for wasting too much lumber resources on paper creation.

    Oh, I never dream about Vikings. It wasn’t that Thor.


  2. I had a dream just the other night about my old cat who died, Kukla Kat (after Kukla Fran and Ollie show in the ’50s). Great cat.

    I remember that show from when I was little in the 60s. 🙂

    Something was wrong with her and I wanted to make it better so I put her in the dryer. I went to get her out and she had evaporated. I was in shock. I already felt guilty that I didn’t take care of the late Sam Henry my Lab well enough and now this – “honey, I evaporated the cat”!

    Hey, I don’t take care of myself – why anyone else.

    I’m always torn when I have dreams about pets I’ve lost. One one hand, I’m so happy to “see” them again, and on the other, it makes the missing them fresh all over again.

    Bravo to breasts everywhere for all reasons! A two teat salute! As Phyllis Diller used to say about getting old: “Every morning when I get up, I’m slowed by the search for where they are – usually below my waist.” It happens to the best of breasts.

    LOL Phyllis is so funny. 😀 As I said on my “about” page, after all the nursing I’ve done, me and perky have long since parted company.


  3. Sparkling Red

    I like that your home network setup includes kitchen utensils. I wonder if a really big spoon would help to focus the signal?

    Kind of like the old rabbit ears! As long as it’s a metal spoon, yo know that must might have some potential. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of it!


  4. Raga

    I have nothing to say in regard to this post, just wanted to tell you I love you! 🙂

    Aww, baby sis, I love you toooooo! *megahugs*


  5. Celebrities shouldn’t talk.

    Nope. We don’t pay them to think, we pay them to read scripts and pretend to be someone other than themselves.


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