Thursday Thankfulness

imageThe lowly pencil sharpener.  Easily forgettable, until you need one.  And as homeschool parents, we need them.  :)  I like to buy fun pencils for the kids, and now that the MiniNess will be starting soon, she’ll finally get a chance to use the pretty princess pencils I got her a couple of years ago.  So, I’ll be sharpening a lot in the near future. 

And not just the kids pencils, but my own too.  I don’t know what it is about the sensation of a lead pencil gliding across paper, but it’s kind of thrilling.  My son loves to keep his pencils to a sharp, pointy tip.  I do too.  We each have a sharpener and I suspect I’ll have to grab another one next time we head to Walmart.  There’s a little girl too excited about the prospect of finally learning to read, and she’s going to want to practice writing her letters, and naturally will need her own pencil sharpener to stay ahead of the point.  :) 

Electric ones are cool, when they don’t grind your pencil to a nub.  And the old crank-handle schoolhouse ones bring back tons of memories of standing in line while the kid in front of me accidentally breaks the tip of his pencil near the end of his sharpening spree.  But I’m actually good with the old manual hand-held one, with a shavings catch of course.  Totally portable, and quiet.   And now-a-days, you can find them in tons of colors and styles. 

Sometimes, sticking with the basics is good.  A good pencil, a decent sharpener, some paper – worlds have been created with such.  🙂

Anything you’re thankful for this week?

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. Good for MiniNess! She’s a big girl now, huh?

    She is! No matter how many times I tell her to stop growing, too.

    I’m thankful for my office space.

    Your office is going to rock when you’re done! You have a great start there with your new desk too. 🙂


  2. I prefer the old fashioned pencil sharpener over the electric. Maybe that is because at work our electric sharpeners don’t work.

    School supplies are awesome!

    Plus, teachers always hate the noise of the crank and electric sharpeners. 😉

    Aren’t school supplies awesome? I think I could get lost in school supply stores and not come out for days. 😀


  3. This was a good week to give thanks but every week has something for which I can be thankful in it. The back pain is actually arthritis and I am happy no broken anything; I had financial success in an area, and some family members buried the hatchet. So I spent money I shouldn’t and took my student from Korea to dinner by the nearby lake to celebrate the week. Had a good time. They had a pit fire on the patio and when they lit it, he was in heaven. Actually I am grateful to see him happy and not pent up in his room with his computer. Really making other people happy is such a selfish act! lol

    Oh I’m so glad there’s nothing broken or herniated in your back! Although I AM sorry to hear that you have arthritis to cope with. Hopefully they can hook you up with some meds to alleviate the pain.

    Add in some financial bonuses and hatchet-burying and you definitely have a recipe for gratitude. 😀 I am happy for you, and will keep praying for more. 🙂


  4. I’m a pen or mechanical pencil gal. I have no use for a pencil sharpener.

    Nope, not at work, that would get in the way. But at home, scribbling notes?


  5. Onyx

    I just bought a pencil sharpener the other day… you can never have enough, I always lose them!

    I would too if I didn’t keep mine in the drawer. 🙂

    Thursday… I was thankful that the work week was almost over, and I only had a couple more days until my boss was back from vacation. We’re short staffed, and only having the three of us to run the store for two weeks… a little rough on all of us.

    That would be rough. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon at work.


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