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Friday Fragments


Our blog buddy Mapelba is an artist, in addition to being a writer.  A few weeks ago she put up a post about doing some artwork on commission for the holidays, if you wanted something done.  What a unique gift idea!  Click the “holidays” link below to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone in your life.  🙂

The gift season is coming. Do you know what you’re buying yet?

I’ll write a story for that particular someone and I’ll use it in a work of art.

Over at Words are Art and Lake Belle I’ve got a deal on stories and art for the holidays. Yes, I know it is a wee bit early to think about holidays, but if you want something handmade, sooner is better.”


Speaking of gifts, did I mention my husband is also a writer?  And that his e-book is for sale on Amazon?  Well it is!  You can purchase a copy for the Kindle lover in your life, or if the one you love doesn’t have a Kindle, you can go to Smashwords and get a copy to read on your computer.  🙂

Check out my husband’s latest book, available for download!
A Fine Cast of Characters on Amazon US (Kindle version)
A Fine Cast of Characters on Amazon UK (Kindle version)
A Fine Cast of Characters on Smashwords (non-Kindle versions)


My “source” for jokes didn’t put one up this week, so I’m fresh out of funnies.  Instead I leave you with this fascinating shot from Canadian Rockies Waterfall Turns Blood Red.


Click the link above to read the whole article and see more pictures.  It’s pretty interesting, and cool, I think.  🙂


Have a blessed weekend.  🙂

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