In Remembrance















Our thoughts, hearts, and prayers

go out to the victims, survivors, and

loved ones of the victims of the

September 11th attacks.

We will not forget.

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5 thoughts on “In Remembrance

  1. steve

    Many have forgotten. And I’m sickened by the lack of rememberance in the news today. Not a damn word.

    Not having a TV anymore, I remain blissfully unaware of some of the stuff the media is up to, or not up to as the case may be. Last year they didn’t do much either, as I recall. And they probably won’t until next year when it’s the “big 10th.”

    No matter what the media does, I will not forget.


  2. steve

    Oh and here is where I stand on the issue of 9/11.

    I remember we’ve talked about this a few times. 🙂


    • steve

      Yes. Forgive me for bringing it up again.

      Listen, you NEVER need to apologize to me for expressing your opinions. You bring up whatever you need to as often as you need to. That’s what we do.

      I was only noting that we’ve talked about this, and that I still remembered, despite my Swiss-cheese memory.



  3. I heard news stories about 9/11 today. Just to say.

    Today we should remember the tragedy of death that is always with us.

    I think for many of us it’s about far more than a generic tragedy of death, which is always with us, you’re right. Sept 11th though is more about the atrocity of being attacked on our own soil, the worst attack in our history, and commemorating those who were murdered on that day.


  4. Oh, I didn’t mean to suggest it was generic. More, I meant that when someone dies, that loss becomes part of our lives. That day is the now the fabric of our lives, who we are now. Death changes our path, our thinking so often, and this day, this one nightmare of a day in particular has shaped lives even if of people who knew no one lost.

    I don’t think any death is generic, but some are quiet and the world hardly notices. I think on that day we lost lives and a whole other path. Where would America be now if that day hadn’t happened? Impossible to answer, and we’ve lost whatever world that might have been.

    Ahh, okay, I think I understand better what you were getting at. It’s the “whole new normal” I sometimes talk about. It’s (sort of) like becoming an amputee and having to learn a whole new way of doing everything, of thinking and being and living. And still remaining a whole person only with fewer parts.


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