Thursday Thankfulness

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of some typical overlooked household thing that I’m grateful for this week and I’m coming up short.  There are a lot of things I am grateful for  – my good left knee, the fact that I didn’t break my right knee or need a doctor.  A crutch might have been nice but expensive and by the time I got it figured out I probably wouldn’t need it anymore, where it would sit in a closet collecting dust for years.  I’m grateful for my husband picking up some of the slack, getting dinners together and doing some grocery shopping; and the kids for being so helpful too. 

I’m thankful for your prayers and good wishes after my fall.

I’m thankful that the weather here has been pretty awesome for the month of September.  I think this is the nicest September I’ve seen since I’ve lived here. 

Really, there’s a lot to be thankful for.  As for household type things, well, I’m grateful for those too.  Paper plates are cool, I suppose.  Fewer dishes to wash, less risk of slipping on a kitchen floor, right?  Works for me!

Anything you’re grateful for this week?

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. Well…you probably DID and/or DO need a doctor, but, like me, you wouldn’t go unless your leg had bent at the shin. I’m very happy you have supportive people around you, and I hope you’re not feeling too guilty about them doing your chores.

    Pshaw, doctors, schmoctors! We don’t need no stinking doctors! I have given birth without them! LOL

    Honestly, he’d probably just tell me what I already know. Stay off it as much as possible, take Tylenol for the pain, blah blah blah. If there had been bleeding or severe swelling, I might have sucked it up and gone then.

    I’m working on that guilt thing. 😉


  2. My weekly thankfulness: for friends like DF and DK

    Thankful, too for understanding friends on this side of the monitor. I have been overtired and a grump from the exhaustive process of buying a car. All of the men I know hate to do it. I guess I am thankful I didn’t have to put up with their deep sighs and ways of letting me know what a sacrifice they were making to do something they hated to do.

    Thankful for Greta the Jetta. I can relax behind the wheel as far as the car is concerned. I am free again – free to travel outside this area to visit friends and relatives at long distances.

    This whole thing is far too gloomy and serious. But you know it is raining here. Usually I love it – have to here – but today, I would have loved to have sat out under the trees. Now at this time of year that is a foolish notion for me. I am allergic to trees and grasses and this is one of the top pollen times. See, you can’t be funny when you’re being stupid.

    And we’re thankful for you too dear. 🙂

    It really is tiring isn’t it? I forget how much work is involved, with the research and the haggling and all that. I am so glad you’re happy with Greta, and able to finally go again. Nothing beats freedom!


  3. I’m grateful for all my super-nice birthday gifts. I’m also grateful that three days after jabbing a staple into my left index finger (yes, right into the middle of the pad) it healed up without turning into that case of tenanus that I was dreading.

    Woo for quick healthy healing! I am SO up with that! LOL Glad you’re good, and that you had a great birthday. Happy Birthday! 🙂


  4. Onyx

    Hope your knee is feeling better!

    Thanks sweetie, it’s getting there, slowly but surely. 🙂

    Aren’t you able to at least rent a crutch or a set from your local pharmacy? I worked in pharmacies for seven years, five different locations, and each of them rented out certain home health care items, such as crutches for a few dollars for a month.

    You know, in all honesty, that never occurred to me. I’ve never heard of a pharmacy doing this either. I do recall people complaining about the cost of crutches, and then once you’re better all they do is collect dust in a closet, but being able to rent them certainly sounds appealing. I’ve been okay without them though, whew!

    This Thursday, I was/am thankful for my new ObGYN. He’s a wonderful Doctor, and we’re glad we found him, he’s kind and friendly, and we went to meet him Thursday, and expected to only get to have my blood pressure checked/weight, take a pee sample, ask a million questions and all of that good stuff. We didn’t expect anything else, and he even said “we’ll get you booked in for an appointment in about three weeks for an ultrasound so you can see your baby.” He asked some more questions, and then told me to jump up on the table so we could take a look.

    Yay for finding a doctor you like! You’re in this together, so it’s important to find one you trust and feel comfortable with.

    And there is a little person inside of me! It’s incredible. I cried, and laughed… I’m so amazed and in awe. This must be the meaning of life, and I am so thankful.

    Yes, it is the meaning of life, mommy. You hit that nail on the head. 😀


  5. I’m thankful for our continued warm weather. We were at the lake last night with a bonfire. Amazing thing for the 3rd of October.

    It’s been lovely here too – 60s mostly, with a couple of 50s thrown in for good measure. It’s been one of the nicest Septembers I can recall since I’ve lived here. And our forecast, for the next few days at least, is more of the same. Heavenly!


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