Manic Monday


Every week, there is a Monday.  And you know what?  I don’t think it’s really all that bad.  In a way, I kind of look forward to Monday. 

I have no idea what hit the MiniNess this weekend, but while we were watching Over the Hedge, she started crying.  Something about seeing the teddy bear get stunned and caged broke her little heart.  I think I have the beginnings of a sensitive, tender-hearted little girl here. 

My weekend was quiet. Even more quiet than usual since I couldn’t go anywhere.  Not even the grocery store.  Darc went by himself.  And once he even took the kids with him.  I had no idea what to do.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in the place all by myself  before.  But I am getting better, a little every day, and soon I’ll be dancing a jig.  Which will be quite a feat since I’ve never been able to dance one before.  😉

I’ve been trying to think of a new sort of direction I can take my blog in 2011, since I’m packing the shoes away, and the thankfulness posts too.  I figure a year+ on both of those is good, and it’s time to do something else now.  But, I’m sort of drawing a blank.  Any ideas of things you’d like to see me blog about? 

And how was your weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. whatigotsofar

    I had a pretty fun weekend. Friday night, I went to my brother’s place for dinner. My sister made pizza. I brought dessert: pecan pie, brownies and cupcakes.
    Saturday, after work, I went to get a haircut. My long mess of unkempt hair was simply not presentable. And I wanted to be presentable. I picked up a friend and we went to Starbucks for a warm beverage. Then to my brother’s place for a five minute visit. Then it was off to the Markham Fair, Canada’s largest agricultural fair. We looked at the chickens and the cows and the pigs and all that stuff. There were even some llamas.
    We looked at all the prize winning gourds. There was a 700 lbs pumpkin. There was a whole display of white squashes. I don’t think I’d ever seen those before.
    After the fair, we went to the movies. We saw Easy A. Sucked bonobo monkey balls. At the theatre, we met up with three friends of my friend. Hence the needing to be presentable.
    After the movie, I brought my friend home and met my friend’s parents. After a game of Battleship and Connect Four and Life, I found myself falling asleep, so I went home.
    At home, I found my mother had ordered pizza. So… pizza two days in a row.
    Sunday, I took my mother out for some errands and stuff.

    How short did you cut your hair?

    So you met the parents! How did that go? I bet the mom just wanted to pinch your cheeks. 🙂

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend, warm and welcoming meeting new people, seeing loved ones, hanging out with friends. I really am happy you had such a great time. 🙂


  2. Damn… just for fun I just wrote out a weekend recap for you WIGSF. I thought it could be a fun creative writing thing. I have to say I got a lot of things wrong. I hope you still enjoy it!

    I thought you did a good job. Captured his voice really well. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you 2 were teaming up together on your blog now, to see if you could fool people, LOL.


  3. OK how about the Monday Memory Machine. You put a date into it – last weekend, last year or another lifetime and out should come a moment of “Awwwwww” (saw a chipmunk standing on his hind legs sipping water from my porch downspout last weekend) or and “Awe” moment (I had a dream – I mean it- a dream this afternoon that I learned to do advanced math. Was I smug and smart and “calculating.”

    That my Monday Idea and I’m sticking to it.

    Thursday? That’s for Thursday’s Thirst. The next week looms – the future at your toes – so what do you really want to do or to have happen in that space? Or what is your fantasy thirst (easy does it WIGSF). I know – I’d like to ride the wind all the way over to the doldrums off the African coast to watch a hurricane being born. No one ever goes over there for a report. I will be that person. I will make that sacrifice.

    Then there is weekend embarrassment that you suggested the above. I’m not the cook cat I thought I was. I’m just a cute, cuddly kitteh who twies and twies to be exceptional in your eyes. Now can I have a cookeh? And a glass of milk? Tanks fur the fun and food fur thought.

    Those are some good ideas, and thank you! I haven’t come close to deciding what I’m going to do – if anything – so I’m glad I still have a few months to choose. 🙂

    And yes, you can have as many cookies as you want, dear, with a super tall glass of icy cold milk. 😀 I made oatmeal raisin for you!


    • Thank you for your thoughtfulness in the oatmeal raisin. I do like them – especially when dieting which you remembered and I forgot. And they are not bad for your health, either.

      May I have chocolate chunk chip at Christmas If I lose some poundage? You’d do it for your favorite, WIGSF, MOM!

      Dieting thoughts never entered my mind. I just thought you really liked the oatmeal raisin. By all means, if chocolate chunk chip are your favorite, then those are the kind I will make for you by the bushel. 🙂 And you don’t have to “earn” them either!

      And I love you and WIGSF the same. 😀


  4. Weekend=no fun. Worked & tore apart my washing machine to see why it’s making a horrible noise. Cleaned behind it, took the agitator off & nearly threw up at the mess under it. Can’t believe I thought my clothes were clean when they came out. Have to order stupid part for washer, should just buy another used one.

    Nooo! Go to !! They can so help you! I’ve fixed several appliances with their help – they have great online tutorials for free, and a great parts dept where you can get parts for everything much cheaper than standard parts places.

    I’m sorry your weekend was sucky. 😦


    • I used that site to diagnose the machine and to see if I was smart enough to actually fix it. I think I am, but we’ll see when the parts come in. I might have another dead washer in my yard.

      I have faith in you! It’s a great site, I recommend it anywhere I can. 🙂


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