Happy Columbus Day!

I must say, I am grateful for Columbus on this day.  He started something, intentional or otherwise, that resulted in our nation being what it is.  How could I not be glad of that?  A circuitous chain of events, but it ended up with the Pilgrims coming to this new land, and eventually we became a nation.  So for what he started, I am glad that it ultimately resulted in our nation.  🙂

It was kind of an eventful weekend.  :)  I made it through the grocery store!  A little slow, sure, but I made it.  Actually, I think I overdid it, because I was kind of stiff and sore the next day, but my knee is almost completely healed.  I’d say I’m probably at about 95%.  Yay!

I did some crafty kinds of things with the kids.

2010-10-10b.jpg See their little hand spiders? 
2010-10-10c.jpg Can you tell what I used to make the pattern for the ghosts?  LOL  I got lots of giggles when I was tracing their feet.  :) 
2010-10-10d.jpg I made the big spider a couple of years ago, but the kids loved it so it became a keeper. 

And check this out!  After just a few weeks of school, the MiniNess left this message on the white board:

Some of those letters we haven’t gotten to yet, but she figured them out on her own.  :)  The pronunciation helps crack me up.  In case you can’t tell what it says, it’s “Save the cat Dad, we are Puss in Boots.”  I wish her penmanship was as nice in her books!  She gets kind of sloppy there. 2010-10-10a.jpg

So I got what feels like lots of things accomplished, and I even managed to toss  out some old stuff I’ll never use as well. 

How was your weekend?

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7 thoughts on “Happy Columbus Day!

  1. whatigotsofar

    Out with my mother, taking her to a book store.

    Mom: So, do you have a five year plan?
    Me: I don’t have a five minute plan.
    Mom: Other than buying out the lease on your car, do you have any life goals?
    Me: Happiness.
    Mom: Yeah, I’ve been trying for that my whole life.
    Me: Well, you know what they say, you should always do a little bit better than your parents.

    LOL, I bet your mom walks around shaking her head a lot. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. 🙂 I just learned it was today, so I hope you have a full tummy now.


  2. Glad your knee is getting better! Here’s to a full recovery. The kids’ things are cute. Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂 They’re silly but fun.

    Saturday we got the kids’ Halloween costumes all put together. We reuse what we can from year to year, but this year it seemed most everything was too worn out, so we ended up buying mostly new stuff. Come Halloween we’ll have a spider queen, the grim reaper, and a pixie.

    Ugh, I know what you mean. I keep telling the kids to stop growing, but do they listen? At least they play with the costumes after Halloween.

    Sunday was spent working on the car (it’s fixed) and being disappointed once again by the Cowboys. Sigh.

    Yay for fixed cars, bummer for the football team. I’m so sad now that we lost Moss. I came to really like him.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!! That is what we are celebrating over here!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you have tons of wonderful things to eat. 😀


  4. steve

    Just stopping by to say hello. Guess what tomorrow is … October 12th was originally Columbus Day. Now they have the holiday to support a three day weekend.

    I remember when I was a little girl it was celebrated on whatever day of the week it fell.

    I also know what else tomorrow is. 😀


  5. I didn’t even know you were hurting 😦 So glad to hear you are healing.
    Your pictures made me smile. I wish my girls were still as excited by things like this…they grow too fast…enjoy it while you can.
    My weekend was pretty boring. I worked most of it, but I did manage to escape for a little while to go get some new candles. Tis the season:)

    Yeah, I took a spill on a slippery kitchen floor about 3 weeks ago. Went down like a cartoon character. Only not as funny, at least not from my perspective. 😉

    They do grow fast, I’m afraid to blink sometimes!

    Oooh, I love candles! I like those new FeBreeze ones too. 🙂

    Sooo good to see you sweetie! You have been missed!


  6. Onyx

    Happy to hear your knee is feeling better!

    Loving the hand and feet crafts you did with the kids, they’re too cute! 🙂

    The weekend was good. Worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but we had Monday off, and went to have dinner with Matt’s family. It was nice to see everyone. His uncle is a hoot, he is very affectionate, and always comes in for a huge hug from everyone, and a big kiss on the cheek to all the ladies… since he found out I am pregnant, he insists on after the hugging and kissing, he needs to wrap his arms around my waist, and talk to my belly. It’s hilarious, and cute, and ridiculous.

    Soon you’ll be making hand and feet crafts too. 🙂 It’s a great way to both decorate and mark the changes in your kids from year to year.

    Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving! Just think, next year will be your baby’s first. 😀 How awesome is that?


  7. Onyx

    I’m so excited for everything. Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas… it will be so fun. I love to be crafty to begin with, so I’m bubbling with anticipation! Whenever I see something fun online, I’ve been book marking them in a folder marked “projects” for down the road.

    Actually, if I can offer a word of advice – if you see a project you like, copy it to a Word file or something like that. Web sites come and go and the ones you like might not be there by the time you’re ready to utilize them.

    You are going to have a ton of fun with baby. Are you brushing up on your nursery rhymes and fairy tales? Required elements you know, and there will be a test! 😉


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