Tuesday Tootsies

Continuing with our weird of the month, I found these specimens for you to laugh at or roll your eyes.  😉

Well, you know, if you were bored, you could always play Scrabble or Jenga with these, I suppose.




There is nothing like fine woodwork and some craftsmen are nothing short of artists.  But I still can’t figure out how anyone would get their foot in these let alone walk in them.  Can you say uncomfortable?  Maybe they’re for Barbie.   




These give the phrase “bass-ackwards” a whole new meaning!




Are you coming or going?  Oh my gosh, these kind of give me the creeps!  LOL




Okay, style-wise these aren’t too bad.  But the colors show they were designed exclusively for Halloween.  Yeesh!  


As always, click the pics for links and be sweet to your feet.  🙂

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. Those are cray-zay! Except I really like the last ones, even the Halloween color scheme.

    They remind me of shoes from the 70s in a lot of ways. 🙂 Glad you liked ’em. 😀


  2. Those are super-freaky! I love the black pumps that have a heel coming out at a 90 degree angle to what’s expected. I’d like to meet the person who designed those!

    The 1st time I saw those I thought they might be Photoshopped. But no, they’re just weird. 🙂 Eye-catching, no? 🙂


  3. whatigotsofar

    You know, those boots would be great for a person like Squidward. Okay, maybe not a guy, but like a female Squidward.

    Hahaha! You know, when I first saw them I was thinking they kind of reminded me of some cartoon character, only I couldn’t recall who. You just nailed it for me! Thanks! 😀


  4. ewwwww….freaked out by those boots. Maybe Darc can write a horror story about them…..

    Heh, he thought it would be cool if they were reversible. I thought they were creepy. Note the mind of the horror writer. 😉


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