Halloween Tootsies

These came through my Reader on Friday and I couldn’t resist.  Too cute for Halloween.  :)  Enjoy!

Check it out – the heel is made to look like little bones, LOL. 

crazy shoes - Platinum Bones
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Can you imagine going into an Emergency room wearing these?  Freak out the nurses, “My veins!”  Hahaha!

crazy shoes - Be Proud of Your Vericose Veins!
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And these!  Love the little spider web feature!  I bet Mrs Spiderman has a pair of these!  😉
crazy shoes - Halloween Just Got Stylish
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Have a great Halloween!

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Tootsies

  1. Mrs Spiderman? Really? It’s Spiderwoman. The sexual revolution happened.

    Mary Jane wasn’t Spiderwoman. 😛


  2. But there was a Spidergirl…or am I making that up? Anyway, those shoes would have been perfect for Abby’s costume tonight, because she was the Spider Queen.

    There probably was, either girl or woman, I don’t know. But I know MJ married Peter so I think of her as Mrs Spiderman, and of course, I have to give WIGSF a hard time. 😉


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