Wednesday Weird

imageI swear, this is exactly how my kids were the other day.  I sent them to play outside, and one of them apparently picked up a stick that had fallen off the tree by our corner, and then they proceeded to fight over it like it was some kind of prize!  I was about ready to burn the doggone thing when my son threw it into the parking lot, so neither of them could get it.  That kind of made me chuckle, in a way.  Neither of them was willing to disobey the parental edict of “Don’t you dare run into that parking lot or you will get a spanking you won’t soon forget!”  One or the other could have easily charged the 15’ into the parking lot to get it, but no.  :)  That tells me their “mama’s voice” thing is working.  Heheheh.  I know it’s working because they didn’t see me watching them from the patio door.  The long-term effects are kicking in!  I just hope it lasts through their teen years.  Yeah, I know, but I like to be optimistic.  Sometimes.  😉 


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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Weird

  1. lol. i would have disobeyed my mama.
    but my papa would have put us back in line. lol

    At least one parent knew how to keep you in line, right? 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Art. 🙂


  2. Just wait, your children will be disobeying you soon enough. Maybe one day they’ll even vote Democrat.

    *gasp!* Why you gotta hurt me like that by saying such things?!


  3. Were there no other sticks around?

    Thankfully, no. They probably would have started beating each other with them if there were. 🙄


  4. My kids still believe I can see whatever they do.

    That’s a good skill to develop. I love that, “How did you know?” 😀


  5. steve

    Good job mom! “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

    I’m working on it, my friend. 🙂 One day at a time, right?


  6. I have heard that children with siblings do much better as adults because they have so much more experience than lonely only’s at resolving conflicts.

    Well, there’s pluses and minuses for both sides – the “onlies” and the “siblings.” I used to read books on birth order and things of that nature – kind of fascinated with it actually. But it all boils down to all of us do the best we can with what we’ve got, generally. 😉

    Also, I must add that I caught up with a few past entries, and oh my goodness your little girl is adorable! I would say the same about your son, except he’s a little too well-disguised to see. 🙂

    Thank you! I admit I’m kinda biased there. 😀 My son looks a lot like my daughter but his eyes are a little bigger. There was a time, he was around 3-4ish I think, he lived in his Spidey mask. I almost forgot what he looked like! 😉


  7. Onyx

    “The Mama Voice” is a special thing. When I was in high school, I was in band, and my instructor always spoke of “The Mama Voice” saying … “you know when your Mom is really PO’d at you, but she doesn’t yell, oh no, she’s too PO’d to even yell at you, but there’s an intensity in her voice that just says and you know you’re in shit… that’s how I want you to play this piece. With determined intensity, stronger than yelling.” Always made me giggle, my Mama was bad for it, and there was a look that came with it. We were in trouble a lot when we were little. My aunt, however, never seemed to develop the same knack for it, the four of us would be running around causing a wicker disturbance, and she’d break out the “NOW SEE HERE!”

    That is one use of “The Mama Voice” I hadn’t ever considered before. Great story! 😀

    I would have huffed the stick, and my brother would have ran for it. We’d both of been in trouble, but I would have received the worst of it for throwing it, encouraging him to go after it.

    I get after my nephew already, I’ve been named “Mean Auntie Courtney”, which I’m not impressed about, but frankly, I’m not about to let a child who is 16 months old do whatever he pleases and get away with it like I’m there to simply pick up after him. I think I am the only one willing to tell him no.

    Oh no, you can’t let the little ones get away with everything they want. They need to learn “NO!” early and hear it often. You keep on being Meanie Auntie, one day he’ll thank you for it. 🙂 Kids need to know what the boundaries are.


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