Tuesday Tootsies

This week I put together collections of rain boots and slippers.  They seemed to go together now that these colder nights are upon us and a cup of hot chocolate sounds like something we could dive in to.  It’s all about keeping those tootsies warm and dry.  🙂

Okay, so maybe these aren’t rainboots.  But the clear plastic thing reminded me of a raincoat.  I kind of like them, in a weird sort of naked way.




What time is it?  Time to come in out of the rain! 




Could not resist the colorful!  So cute, there’s a little ruler on the leg part, to see how many inches of rain puddle you’ve stepped in.  🙂




Mrs Gorton’s Fisherman wears these on Saturday nights, you know.  😉




And these give bunny slippers a whole new meaning!




Thought of you, WIGSF, when I saw these.  Maybe I’ll get you a pair for Christmas.  😉




And Sparkling Red, these made me think of you.  I know you take extra care to keep your toes nice and toes-ty warm.  :)  Just plug these into your computer’s USB port to heat your feet. 




And for those folks who just want to lounge around, we have these.  If it was warm out, these could even go poolside, lol. 


As always, click the pics for links and be sweet to your feet.  🙂

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. A month or so ago, maybe a bit less than a month ago, I was at Walmart staring at those Homer slippers having a debate with myself whether or not I should get those.

    Then they would make an excellent Christmas gift! 🙂 Something you want, but don’t feel right splurging on for yourself.


  2. Ok, this collection captured my attention for some reason. Those last ones, how are those supposed to go on your feet? I’ve looked and looked, and can’t figure it out.

    I think your heel goes on the “head” part, and your toes go on the “seat” part.

    Those heated ones made me want to jump up and down. Three seasons out of the year, my toes are cold. I’ve had many pairs of slippers, and the only one that ever kept the piggies warm were the sheepskin, but I can’t find those anywhere. Heated would be divine.

    And you could wear them while you were sitting at your comp writing! 😀

    The clear vinyl ones, up top, can you imagine how sweaty you would get inside there? I bet the sweat would come running out the toe.


    That’s all. 🙂

    Sherri-bear has spoken! 😀


  3. OMG I totally need those heated booties!!! Best shoes ever.

    I knew you’d like them! 😀 I put those up in your honor, lol.


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