Wednesday Weird


I am on the verge of something.  I don’t know what it is.  I’ve been having these strange dreams lately.  First I dreamt – 4 times the same night! – that I had an appt at 1:30.  That was a couple of weeks ago.  I really didn’t expect anything to happen that day at 1:30, but I have learned that numbers in my dreams don’t always mean what one would think they do.  This might mean months, or days, or weeks, or even something like Jan 30th.  Or any combination, like in 1 week and 30 days.  FireShot capture #110 - 'royal carribean_jpg (JPEG Image, 504x504 pixels)' - www_melbournegopwomen_org_royal%20carribean

Then, just the other night, I dreamt, also 4 times again, that company was coming.  It was different people in each of the dreams, sometimes it was one person, other times it was more like a little party, but always “Company’s coming!”

So … any of you planning on a visit or something?  😉

Honestly, it could mean anything.  I have no idea.  I have learned over the years though to pay attention and be alert when things like this happen to me.  So my eyes are open!

What about you?  Do weird things like that happen to you?  Little “future foretells” that come in out of the blue, and turn out to come true? 

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Weird

  1. Seriously, what appointment could you have? You never go anywhere.

    Well … that’s true. But that doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen.

    Or maybe you’re just seeing the alarm clock by the bed that as it reads 1:30 and DarcKnyt is just getting out of bed every once in a while to reset the time so that you keep seeing 1:30 to make you go insane.

    Now there’s a possibility I hadn’t thought of!

    As for me, I make things come true. If I dream about pancakes, well, I go get some pancakes when I wake up. Same goes for donuts and pizza. Oh, and fried chicken.
    Yes, that’s right. My life’s goals and dreams all involve fatty foods.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    I could sure go for a hamburger right now.

    There is no bad time for a burger!


  2. Onyx

    All the time. Sometimes it’s upsetting/disturbing. Sometimes it just weird.

    But always an adventure. 🙂

    I have had a dream about every apartment I’ve moved into, before moving in, let alone seeing the place. It’s always well before we know we’re moving. Then I always say to Matt “I had a dream we were doing blah blah blah, but it wasn’t here, but in my dream, it was our home”.

    The worst is when it starts happening… I usually can’t remember what comes next, which makes me uncomfortable when all I can remember is that I didn’t think the outcome was good.

    I remember dreaming about selling video games. I thought that one was ridiculous, I’d never sell video games, then months later, we move to the other side of the province, and my new job is at a video game store.

    And I have had dreams about family members before they passed away… then waking up, and just knowing it would be soon… is the worst feeling ever.

    Yeah, I hate that one.

    I’ve met people who think I’m ridiculous when I’ve shared these details, and those who think it’s amazing. I worked with a guy who told me that our minds have a funny way of working, in which it can seem like we’ve dreamt something, when in reality, we haven’t, but I tell Matt about all of my dreams now, specifically when they involve people I do not know, or places I do not recognize. Then when it happens, I have to ask “do you remember me telling you this?”

    Just sometimes interesting, sometimes quite boring and sometimes bad.

    It helps too, to write them down. Then you can track them, in case he forgets. 🙂

    Yeah, I’d keep those numbers in mind. They may be useful, or inspirational. I know you’re a Christian… perhaps a flip through your Bible? Chapter 1, verse 30… and who knows which book. Just a thought, you may find something interesting.

    That’s a possibility too. 🙂 There are 66 books to choose from, not all of them will have 30 verses in Cha 1, but it might be a fun study to do. Thanks for the idea!


  3. I have little deja vu moments a lot, and several clearly prophetic dreams were interesting, but not life changing. I find the little messages like you’re talking about to be more helpful. Oftentimes those messages change how I see things, help make decisions, or give me story ideas.

    I’m not planning a visit or anything, but who the heck knows where I’ll be on 1-30? lol

    If you come to Chicagoland, I would not recommend January. Unless you like losing body parts to frostbite. 😉 But I’d love to see you! Think May instead. 😀


  4. Like Onyx, I’ve dreamed about places or jobs before I’ve been there. It’s not a very frequent occurrence, (or at least I don’t wake up and remember those dreams very often) but it has definitely happened several times.

    It’s a bit unsettling sometimes, and then the payoff when reality catches up to the dream. 🙂


  5. I’m not really sure if it’s dreams I have about things that I see later on in life but I totally have the “deja vu” thing quite often. The latest episode I had involved some drawings I did recently of and octopus and a weird fish. As I was nearing the completion of the drawings something clicked in my mind and it was like I had seen those drawings before as I had drawn them and then I started noticing the surroundings of my home and it was like at some point earlier on in my life I had seen that moment and what I was doing. I know it sounds a little weird but it was kinda freaky lol.

    Oh, the deja vu thing happens all the time! It’s almost like your life is on a “loop” somehow, and you catch the “instant replay” before the event happened.
    Thanks for stopping by, David. 🙂


  6. I’ve never dreamed about something that came true. But I used to have this particular dream again and again for years. One day, I told my dad about it. And he said, “Oh. That’s because when you were three…” and he told me this whole story about an incident involving the police & a drug drealer in front of our house and he had to hide me in the closet. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, the recurring dream made sense. (I dreamed of a red and blue monster of light and of my father shoving me into a dark hole to save me.)

    Let us know what happens.

    That’s pretty cool, getting an explanation for a dream like that. 🙂

    Believe me, when I know, you’ll know. 🙂


  7. I guess you better be ready for company at 1:30 on January 30th. Wear nice clothes!

    Hahaha! I guess so! At the very least, I can be prepared, just in case. 🙂


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