Tuesday Tootsies

Gym shoes!  Lots and lots of gym shoes for you this week, the wackier the better.  :) 

Remember the old color test patterns they’d put up on old network TV when the stations would go off the air?  Now you can wear it on your shoes. 




Maybe having a spring in your step isn’t such a good idea afterall.




Okay, the whole “heel-less” thing really creeps me out.  It just looks so wrong




Now that’s a ladies gym shoe! 




Is this what they mean when they say, “Putting your feet to the fire”?




Now we’re talking!  Cowboy boot / gym shoe combo! 




It’s so pretty, so sparkly, so girly, so pink, so flowery! 




Look closer.  Fooled you!  It’s a cake!  Hmm, maybe I could use this one on my food blog too.  😉


Wow, just 5 more episodes of Tuesday Tootsies after this.  And still no idea what I’m going to do on Tuesdays. 

As always, click the pics for links and be sweet to your feet.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. Possible new Tuesday ideas:

    Two-fer Tuesdays A compendium of things that come in twos. For example: peanuts, nostrils, butt cheeks.

    Like me and Darc!

    Opposite Day Tuesdays Loving posts about things you actually hate. For example: communism, people who eat kittens, Democrats, me.

    Well, I have a political blog for that. And, you know I really do love you, right?

    TMI Tuesdays Things that really should not be publicly posted to the internet. For example: a detailed description of your last bowel movement (including photos), descriptions and critiques of all the male genitals you’ve seen (no photos please), your favourite sexual positions and why.

    Nope, not going TMI here. I LIKE having people drop by.

    Fried Chicken Tuesdays Just blog about fried chicken. Why it’s awesome, recipes, pictures, etc…

    Now there’s a thought for my recipes blog, or even At Grandma’s Table.

    Travel Tuesday Write about all the places in the world you’d like to travel to.

    I was actually kicking around something similar to this. Hmmm.


  2. That shoe-cake is very convincing. Perhaps a little too realistic – I can only imagine that it tastes like sweaty old socks.

    Hahaha, I was afraid of that! I keep thinking, “chocolate cake, chocolate cake!” but instead the imaginary taste in my mouth is “rubber soles.”


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