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Wednesday Wonky

imageDo you ever get the mind-blanks?  Those moments where you just can’t remember something?  Maybe it’s an aging thing.  I don’t know.  I do know I don’t like it.  At.  All.  I hate those moments where I’m reaching for a thought and … nope, it’s gone.  Like the pigeons in Bolt, “I t’ought I knew, but no.”  Funniest. Pigeons. EVER. by the way.  🙂

Maybe there’re just too many thoughts swirling around up there and I’ve been remiss in not “tapping the keg” as it were.  Hey, it could happen.  I’m a quiet type, I do a lot of thinking you know, I just don’t often share it. 

And that’s part of my conundrum I think.  Heh.  There is this part of me that really wants to shout some things, shout them out loud from the highest rooftops.  Then there’s that part of me that feels like, who needs another voice shouting in the wilderness?  I don’t want to get lost in the cacophony.  Know what I mean?  Who, really, cares about things like “dialogue”?  (Sounds more like a script to me than an actual conversation anyway.)  Doesn’t everyone pretty much have their mind made up already, about everything?  I’m not going to convince anyone of those things I know to be true, those are the kinds of things that people have to come to on their own. 

And they often do, eventually.

Still, I often feel like retreating.  It’s not my place to convince anyone of anything and hey, no one asked me for my opinions.  But I do have them.  In SPADES, baby.  Believe it or not, there are few more opinionated people than me. 

I think I just feel sort of stuck.  Tired of the fluffy, but not really in the mood to shout.  Like I said, I really am a quiet type. 

Oh well.

Did you remember to flip your calendar today?  Happy December!

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