Monday Mayhem


I thought I’d try to write a post, while I’m sitting here waiting for a connection to magically appear.  Can’t check email, can’t go through my Reader, it’s as though there is no such thing as the Internet.  So I wait. 

And wait.

I organize all my Windows Live Writer drafts into folders.

I plan which posts to set up for my weekend posts for 2011. 

And wait.

For some reason the connection we try to hop onto has been on the wonky side lately.  Hopefully we’ll be in a position to re-establish a connection of our own in the not-too-distant future, but in the meantime, we have to wing it. 


We’ve been doing a little research into cell phones lately, in the hopes that we’ll also be able to finally get new phones maybe in a few months.  Can you believe we’ve had the same ones for over 4 years?  I don’t know anyone who’s kept the same cell phone for that long.  I wanted do a little research online, find out just what the difference was between 3g and 4g networks, and when exactly is Verizon planning on getting the iPhone, but no such luck for me tonight.  I guess it doesn’t really matter since we won’t be able to do anything about it until probably Spring anyway, but sometimes it’s fun to “window shop.” 


We put up our little tree this weekend.  The kids were so happy!  We were able to pick up a small string of lights to add and it really boosted the whole effect.  We got one of those LED strings – have you seen them?  They’re pretty neat.  I don’t think I’d want a whole tree done with them but as a supplement, they add a lot of depth to the glow. 


My son got a some kind of Mario game at the library, and now it’s all Mario all the time.  I actually heard him say, “Remember when I used to be into Spiderman?” 


He’s been “into” Spiderman since he was 2!  I figured he’d wear a Spiderman suit to his wedding.  And now Spiderman is “used to”?  He’s been walking around trying to imitate the way Mario talks.  He told me, “Mom, I think when it comes to me liking stuff, I don’t just like things, I become obsessed with them.” 

Ummm, yeahhhhhh, you could say that.   🙄

We’ve gone through pretty much every item of clothing possible with Spidey on it, sheets, hats, gloves, shoes, toys, pillows, pajamas,  costumes, you name it we’ve probably had it at some point or other.  I’ve been trying to wean him of having so much Spidey stuff, and then he got into ants, then sharks – he’s read every ant and shark book our library has to offer, and ever borrowed all the ant and shark videos.  And now he’s into Mario.  Lord have mercy, I am NOT getting Mario sheets! 


We spent a good portion of the weekend running errands and doing stuff, and it felt pretty good.  Busy, but in a good way, you know?  Christmas has been blooming in our hearts, even my son said he felt like Christmas lived in his heart and not on the calendar, and I thought that was pretty cool.  He summed it up well for me.  😀

And how was your weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem

  1. My husband has had his cell phone for about 4 years. It’s really on its last legs. And all I have is a cheap Net10 phone, a couple of years old. I tell myself it’s good for the environment. 😉

    And, don’t tell anybody–I’ve been feeling kind of Christmassy, too. Shhh.

    You’ve been feeling Christmasy too? *shocked gasp* No! For real? 😉 I’m glad the spirit is moving you – may it be a good year for all. 🙂


  2. Hi DF
    Is it Monday already? Guess I had a good weekend.

    Difference between 3G & 4G is the speed & I understand some new phones even support Flash technology.

    Iphone for Verizon is due out sometime in Jan? Heard there is a new phone out that can go head to head with the Iphone & it’s not the Droid or Windows phone. The name eludes me at the moment.

    I had to replace my cell phone this past summer. They almost laughed at me because I must be one of the few people left that doesn’t have a “smartphone” yet. I live in the stix, do I really need one???

    Have a good one!


    Well I’m glad you had a good weekend then! 😀

    January? That would be awesome. I can’t find out any real info on it when I search, other than that “it’s coming!” I did find a site that said that essentially the difference between 3 and 4g is speed, with 4g being something like 10x faster than 3g. Time will show I suppose. Apparently Verizon just upgraded to 4g this past week.

    Don’t feel bad – we don’t have smartphones either. I’m not too thrilled to find out you MUST have, MUST or we won’t sell you the phone MUST get the $30 data package, per phone. And not even dinner or a kiss first.

    You have a good one too, MR! 🙂


  3. Great thing about Mario, it teaches children to hate mushrooms and the benefits of jumping on turtles. But, although Mario and Luigi are plumbers, the games teach nothing of plumbing.

    But I want them to love mushrooms (not the drug kind) and I don’t want them jumping on turtles. What’s a mother to do? The game he has is called Mario Galaxy or something. Lots of space stuff and a giant Mario head planet. Weird.


    • Onyx

      We haven’t had cell phones in about two years now. We’re enjoying it so far, but before that, I was still using my first cell phone, it’s sitting in the drawer, in case we decided to hook it up again. It’s a trooper, it was always falling out of my purse in the parking lot of my building in college, found it in a mud puddle one morning after not having been able to track it down for about three days.

      That is some kind of cell phone! Wow!

      We’re undecided about a tree this year. We won’t be home anyway, and our new place is upstairs, and has carpet throughout, so a real one is a no go. You should post a pic of your tree! 🙂

      I’d skip the tree. Get a little pine tree plant thing at the grocery store or something. Save yourself the hassle and save the money for next Christmas, that one is going to be extra extra super duper special. 😀

      Mario games are lots of fun, I have a couple on my DS I really enjoy. A couple weeks ago, Donkey Kong Country was released, if I had the money to blow… I’d seriously be considering getting a Wii again. Every time I see a kid playing Donkey Kong on our console at work, I wish I was allowed to play, too. We’re a Sony household though 🙂

      I saw the DK release! I so wanted it! I used to play it years ago when I had an SNES. 🙂


      • Onyx

        Opps! I didn’t mean to reply to wigsf’s comment! Sorry!

        It’s okay, he won’t mind. He’s cool like that. 🙂


  4. My cell phone bill is outrageous. My daughter and I have internet phones which adds an extra $60/mo to the line. For $45/mo you can get one of those Straight Talk phone which has unlimited talk/text/internet. If I wasn’t on a 2 year contract I’d use one of those.

    Straight Talk – is that like that Cricket network? Darc did some research into Cricket – didn’t find out good things.

    I’ve been content with Verizon but I’m willing to switch to AT&T if the price is right. Not Sprint though, never Sprint. They’d have to pay me. We’re finding though that prices between AT&T and Verizon are identical, and if we stay with Verizon, we don’t have to pay that connection fee per phone like if we switched. So, at the moment they’re still ranking #1 for me. Unless AT&T comes up with some kind of fantastic deal between now and when we can get new phones. I’ve heard also that AT&T is having problems with customer service and lots of dropped calls. So, I don’t know. AT&T used to be the best. Sad how they’ve fallen.


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