Tuesday Tootsies

This week I have 60’s weird, hiking, and generally weird.  Can you believe just 3 more Tootsies posts after this?

If I’d had these boots in high school, I wouldn’t have had to ruin so many pants turning them into bell-bottoms. 




Tie-dye.  Is there anything more 60’s than that? 




Not sure if these are 60’s really, but the garish clown colors kind of reminded me of some music bands from back then.  I dunno, I think they’d have fit Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick at the time, don’t you?  Seriously, Go Ask Alice, when she’s 10’ tall.




This stuck me as a cross between tie-dye and just generally stoned.  It’s like a combination shoe/pant thing.  And don’t look at it too long or you’ll go blind!




The description said these were pant-boots.  I guess they just look like thigh-highs to me.  Thoughts?




Hiking?  For Manga cartoon characters maybe. 




The description said these were silk boots.  I ask you, even if you dared to hike in heels like this, who would wear silk?  Crazy! 




These I actually like.  A lot.  They look comfy and cozy.  I can totally see knocking around a mall in these.  🙂




Just for the bizarre element, I thought hiking and guitars went well together.  😉




And for the super weird, you could always make something to match with these, if you couldn’t find something in your closet.


As always, click the pics for links and be sweet to your feet!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. Pant-boots? Does that mean that they are supposed to fill the role of pants AND boots in any particular outfit? That could get sketchy.

    ROFL Um yeah, that could get really dicey indeed! And cold, don’t forget cold! LOL


  2. sperry

    I thought that in high school we just wore gym shoes and delt with wet feet and cold toes??? Wait. that was just me I think.
    At least you had the big white furry coat to keep you warm back then!!!

    Hahahaha! We did! We did for sure! And I even wore sandals in the winter after I first moved here. I thought sunny days meant warm. Yes, I learned quickly. 😉

    Big white furry coat? Did it have black straps? I think I’d stolen that from my sister before we moved. Heh.


    • sperry

      Maybe the coat was black? Just remember furry…
      Dang! Hoping my memory was the LAST to go!

      Oh no, memory’s the 1st. I think. Maybe? I forget! LOL

      I’m prone to furry things. I even have a faux furry blanket. 🙂 It’s toasty!


  3. Most of those shoes are just too weird, but with the right goth dress, I could almost see those thigh-high boots working. Maybe in a Tim Burton movie? And those last shoes I don’t understand at all.

    But ya gotta love the imagination that goes into these things!

    Too weird is putting it kindly, I think! Tim Burton, ROFL! Too funny!

    Yes, I do like the imagination that goes into them. Some of them are kind of an art form to me. 🙂


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