Thursday Thankfulness

image I was sitting here procrastinating on ironing a shirt for Darc to wear on his 1st day on the new job, wondering what I could post about for today, when it finally dawned on me. 

My iron.

Remember the pictures from way back in olden days when the iron was really just a shape made out of real honest to goodness iron that was heated on a stove?  Heck, even the iron I learned how to iron on when I was a kid was pretty old and heavy, compared to today’s models.  My mother’s had a cloth-wrapped cord and was huge, and surely came from 1950-something.  However did I manage to push that thing around a pair of pants when I was 10? 

I suppose lots of people don’t iron anymore.  I used to have a neighbor years ago who didn’t even own one.  She thought I was nuts to iron.

But my husband can’t wear “wash and wear” to work, and while taking them to the cleaners is an option, it’s also a pain because you have to pay for that, and make sure you get there in time to drop off, and Lord help you if you forget to pick up your shirts the next day.  So it’s rather a point of pride to me to wash and iron my husband’s shirts, and that no one can tell we don’t take them to the cleaners. 

And irons today are pretty cool, with lots of nifty buttons that do all kinds of neat things.  Really, it’s a woman’s power tool.  🙂

So what’s your thankfulness this week?

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. You have something huge to be thankful for today!

    I do, I do! 😀

    That 50s iron you talk about, with the cloth-wrapped cord? I had one of those, passed down from my Grandma, and I used it well past college. I bought a lighter one, but the old one still worked until about 2000. I felt an era had passed when I plugged it in one day and nothing happened. I wonder what happened to that old thing…?

    They don’t make ’em like they used to, do they? Ah well.


  2. Sparkling Red

    I wouldn’t say I love my iron, because I don’t enjoy ironing, but I suppose it’s better than wearing all my shirts wrinkled. I am glad that I don’t have to chop firewood and then heat it up on my cast iron stove before I use it!

    That’s the spirit! It’s all about perspective, right? 😀


  3. Wish the old man a good 1st day on the new job!


    Thank you so much! He said it went well, and his boss even took him to lunch. 😀


  4. Onyx

    I really enjoy ironing… it’s relaxing, there’s something therapeutic about it. My Dad always ironed when I was in high school, and then I started doing it. Every morning we’d all get up, one of us would get the iron going, and yell “iron’s on, who needs it?” pants, and shirts for the day would pile onto the back of the rocker. I just like it.

    There really is something therapeutic about it, and washing dishes too. It’s like you get the gratification of seeing a good work done right before your eyes, and the metaphorical fixing of problems – things getting ironed out, or going down the drain. 🙂

    Love that story! Iron’s on! Cute way to start the day. 🙂


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