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Monday Madness

It’s going to be a crazy day for me today!  I have a ton of phone calls to make to collect some paperwork we need, I have a “Monday house,” which means the place is a mess and there are piles of housework and laundry that need doing.  We did a lot of running around over the weekend.  Plus, I have school to do with the kids.  Who said homemakers sat around all day eating bon-bons and watching soap operas? 

Speaking of school, Darc made this little “map” type of thing for the kids, so they could determine things like plot points, mid-points, set-up, etc.  They’re getting so good at it!  But it struck me the other night, the MiniNess was reading the story paper that Daddy wrote, and it was Mommy who taught her to read it.  The feeling, man!  It’s so awesome.  :)  There’s just a synchronicity to it.  :)  Not to mention that she’s not even fully through the learning to read aspect of the program I use and she’s reading by herself now.  She picks out books at the library to read.  Is that cool or what? 

And it’s colder than a witch’s wart today too.  They’re saying the wind-chills will be between –10 and –20.  Poor Darc, having to drive our old jalopy in that!  At least they have coffee at his job. 

Did you hear about the Metrodome up in Minneapolis?  Wow! 

But, woo for the Patriots!  We clinched a play-off berth, so it was a good football day.  :D 

Our usual Internet connection decided over the weekend to … um … not share, anymore.  So, it’s a struggle finding others who are willing to.  We just need to hang on a few more months!  I think we got some new neighbors though, so we’ll see how it works out. 

And that’s my Monday, how’s yours?

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