Thursday Thankfulness

I have so much to be thankful for.  Without question, God has been blessing me for a while now.  Not necessarily in material ways, although He’s begun doing that too, but blessing me internally.  Being near, guiding me, answering prayers, filling my heart with joy – those kinds of things.  There’s a … buoyancy to it that can’t be defined or explained, or achieved on my own. 

And now I’m being blessed in material ways.  We got our phones!  I feel like a little kid at Christmas (and that’s my post for next week) and it’s been so very long since I’ve felt this way.  I know people get new cell phones all the time and it’s not that big a deal, but it feels like a big deal to us.  I’ve heard about all you people who can Twitter and FaceBook from your phones, check your email, download ringtones, hang out with the cool kids.  And I’ve sort of envied you in my heart a little.  I like cool toys too, you know.  And now I have one.  :D 

Now, what do I do with it?  LOL  I feel sort of like a cat with a ball of foil.  It’s pretty, and shiny, but what does it do? 

I am thankful life seems to be turning around for us finally.  🙂

What are you thankful for this week?

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. Early Xmas presents!! Glad you guys got your new toys.

    Did you get smart phones or a dumb phone like I’ve got?


    PS Today I’m thankful for sunshine – the only day we will see it in the coming 10 day forecast. Don’t tell anyone, but I think the CA drought might be over!

    Early Christmas presents, I like the sound of that. 🙂 These will do for several Christmases. 😀

    Smart phone? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what that means! LOL It does do a lot of cool stuff though, what I’ve been able to figure out so far, so we’re both really happy with our choice, and that’s probably the most awesome part of all. 🙂

    YAY for droughts being over! That’s wonderful news!


    • You know you’ve got a smartphone by the extra $$$ you pay every month for a data plan! That’s on top of your phone minutes.

      That’s the 3G OR 4G phones you hear about. It’s really a hand held computer that also makes phone calls.

      Oh is THAT what it is?! Then yes, I have a smart phone, clearly it is superior, because it got dumb me to pay more, lol.


  2. I’m jealous! But not really, because you deserve a little fun. I’m ready to get a new phone, and maybe even a data plan instead of just this plain ol’ phone.

    What I’m thankful for this week…My new futon, and some learning opportunties. Love ya, sis!

    Love you too!

    Don’t be jealous, your turn’s coming. 🙂 *hugs*

    Ooh, what kind of learning opportunities?


  3. I’m thankful for Canadian Tire. Before I explain why, I shall explain what Canadian Tire is because you probably don’t know.
    Canadian Tire is a department store with a focus or emphasis on tools, hardware, gardening and automotive. They sell all kinds of other things like toys, sporting equipment, housewares and stuff, but the focus has always been on guy stuff. Canadian Tire is where Canadian guys go to grunt and scratch themselves while they ponder uses for an impact driver.
    The store rose to national icon status through it’s coupon program. Whenever you pay cash (which for years was the only way to buy stuff, right), you would be given coupons to use on anything in the store. The coupons, however, do not look like coupons; they look like money. They look a bit like Canadian bills. It comes in demoniations ranging from five cents to whole dollars. “Canadian Tire Money” is one of those most common things to find in any Canadian person’s home. Everybody has Canadian Tire Money kicking around somewhere.
    So, why am I thankful for Canadian Tire? Yesterday I went to Canadian Tire’s biggest competition for grunting, scratching man dollars, Home Depot. I was looking for a Christmas decoration. Although Home Depot has Christmas decorations, they did not have the one I wanted. I then went to Canadian Tire. Good ol’ Sandy McTire (the smiling elderly gentleman on the Canadian Tire Money) had one left.
    So, I am thankful for Canadian Tire for having just the product I was looking.

    The way you describe Canadian Tire, reminds me a lot of Sears Hardware when I was a kid. That was THE store for men, manly men who did manly things like use hand tools and power tools and caulk and grout and glazing. They had lawnmowers and barbecues, tires, and every tool under the sun. ACE Hardware was like that too, but I don’t think they had any kind of major automotive stuff. I remember going to those places with my father when I was little, seeing the men standing around looking “serious” about all the stuff they were looking at. I used to try to imagine all the things that could be made with all the tools those stores had. 🙂

    I wonder, what kind of decoration were you looking for that was only found at Canadian Tire? And I’m happy you found it. 🙂


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