Monday Mayhem

 funny pictures-Monday's coming!

Goodness, I feel like I haven’t been home all weekend.  We were out Friday and Saturday running errands, and Sunday a friend of mine came over for the afternoon.  She brought me a sewing machine and tons of fabric stuff she no longer wants.  It’s a huge mountain of blessing, and my little place here just isn’t prepared for it.  I think I’m going to have to cull back on some of the things she brought, unfortunately, simply for lack of room.  But how awesome to be so loved by my friend that she would do that for me.  🙂

Darc tried to work on his computer this weekend, and it looks like it’s totally dead.  Pray our little Flintstones laptop here holds up under the pressure!  Hopefully, we’ll be able to do something about it in the not-too-distant future.

My house!  Oh my goodness, my place is a disaster!  On top of all the stuff my friend brought over, I wrapped some presents for the kids, so there’s that “mess” too.  Guess what I’ll be doing today?

I finished up the 2nd half of the SSRLP I was working on.  Now it’s done-done.  Fini!  Whee!  I enjoyed doing it, although it is time consuming.  It meant I had to read the stuff I had to read, and not the things I wanted to read, like all your blogs.  Please forgive me for not being around the last week – it’s been a bit crazy here and I’m not sure I’ll be able to “catch up.”  I might just have to wipe the Reader slate clean, as it were, and start fresh.  I hope you understand.

Right now I’m off to iron, get the coffee maker prepped, get lunch ready for Darc, all that kind of stuff.  I hope you had a great “last weekend before Christmas” and that you’re getting all set for the holiday.  :) 

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5 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem

  1. I wonder if all of these cats from the silly lolcatz pictures ever get royalties.

    HA! They should, shouldn’t they? LOL


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  3. Glad you had a good weekend. How sweet of your friend to bring you a sewing machine! I need one, too. Mine broke, and I have a mountain of mending to do. It’ll have to wait till I recover from the holidays, physically and financially.

    It was super sweet. She knew I’d lost mine years ago and was going to give hers away, figured she’d give it to me. I’m kind of like her “dumpster” in a fabric sort of way, lol. She’s a quilter by hobby. 🙂

    I hope you’re able to replace yours soon. Living without one kinda sucks.

    I don’t know if you saw it, but Google needs beta testers for their new laptop. I applied. I think it’s actually a netbook, but they’re calling it a “notebook”…couldn’t get any physical specs or memory, etc, but they say it’s for people who live online. Maybe you could apply for that.

    Now there’s an idea! Thanks! I’ll see if I can find out any info on it, and I hope you “win”!

    Hope you have a lovely Monday.

    You too dolly! (Yay, finally able to get a connection tonight!)


  4. You iron? Really?

    I do, really! Well, now anyway, with the new job. 🙂

    I used to….don’t think I have in three years since my husband’s job changed! 🙂

    Thanks for being my friend all thru the year, Ness. 🙂 I am hopeful, with you, that things are turning around for you and that this will be a good year!

    Thank YOU sweetie, for being mine. It has meant a great deal to me to have someone I can bounce ideas off of, someone who has gone through similar thoughts and changes.

    I am hopeful it’s a good year too, for both of us. 🙂 Thanks hon. Blessings to you! *hugs*


  5. I would LOVE it if someone gave me a ton of fabric. I’d be making quilts for everyone I know. Cheers on your bounty!

    Oh my gosh, it is indeed a bounty! I thought of you too when we were bringing in all the bins from her car. There are so many colors and plaids and florals and stripes and solids, bolds, pastels, flannels, cottons, fleece, chiffons, muslins, stuff I’m not even sure what it is, the list is endless. I’m pretty sure I’m totally overwhelmed! LOL The machine she gave me is a Janome – are you familiar with that brand?


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