Tuesday Tootsies

Where in the world will we end up, considering this is the last Tuesday Tootsies post? 

Perhaps somewhere in Italy?




Or maybe even somewhere in France.




Perhaps even Paris!




I hear the Taj Mahal is lovely.  Or maybe these belong more in the castle of the Empress Elizabeth of Russia.




Florida ought to be nice this time of year.




But New York is supposed to be ultra fun and glamorous too.  The Empire State building is cool.




Or who knows, maybe we’ll end up in Vegas, where what happens there, stays there.  So I’ve heard. 




But no matter where we go, we’ll always find our way back home, where the heart is.




So that’s it for Tuesday Tootsies!  As always, click the pics for links, and remember, be sweet to your feet – it’s the only pair you’ve got!

Thanks for playing along with the silliness.  😀

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon  

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One thought on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. Awww, bye Tuesday Tootsies! *sniffs* I love this collection, especially the Taj Mahal. 🙂

    Thank you for being such a big supporter of the tootsies thing, dolly. It’s meant a lot to me to see you comment on so many, to have you send me so many ideas and to always be so supportive. *hugs*


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