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Routine Mayhem


Couldn’t decide which picture I liked better to commemorate my 1 yr anniversary of quitting smoking, so I used ‘em both.  They both made me laugh.  Happy Anniversary to me, yadda yadda yadda.  Okay, that’s out of the way now.  I am still a smoker at heart, I just don’t … inhale anymore.  So, I don’t feel any sense of personal pride or accomplishment, plus I don’t feel I did it under my own strength.  But it is one of those fact of life sorts of things so I acknowledge it, that’s all.  Been a year, put a checkmark through it.  Last time I’ll mention it, because to note the anniversaries after the 1st one is kind of redundant, right?  Maybe if I hit 5 I’ll say something. 



Did you do anything special for New Year’s?  Did you have fun?  Do you remember it?  We went grocery shopping early in the afternoon while the weather was so nice.  Mid 50’s!  Can you believe it?  New Year’s Eve, in Chicagoland, mid-50’s!  Unreal.  The place was packed too, and some moron was screaming stuff out their car window, not sure what it was, but it was moronic.   

The lady who was our checkout clerk said the sweetest thing to me.  I sent the kids over to sit on a bench nearby while Darc and I did the conveyor belt thing.  The clerk noticed them sitting there and said to me, “You have the best behaved children I think I’ve ever seen!  They are so good, sitting over there by themselves!”  Of course, that loud ‘whooshing’ sound you heard was my mama-heart swelling with pride.  :D  I have awesome babies.  The clincher was when she said, “I wish I could get my kids to be that well behaved.” 


I’ve spent days trying to get online.  Days.  Because of that, I’ve gotten my kids’ closet cleaned out.  I’d forgotten they actually had a floor in there, it’s been so long since I’ve seen it.   :roll:   I have so many household projects like that planned for the next few weeks. 


We went out to run some errands over the weekend.  By that time, temps had dropped into the low teens and the winds were blowing hard.  The wind chills were surely down to 0, if not below.  I waited in the car with the kids while Darc made a quick run into a store and while we were waiting, some guy got out of a car a couple of spots down to get a movie from one of those box things.  I had to take a picture.  I have no idea what it is that makes the Chicago brain do this sort of thing but they do it all the time.  You try to tell people and they laugh and think you’re joking or at the very least, exaggerating.  Now I have proof.  I kid you not, some people are dumb enough around here to go out in sub 0 temps, wearing shorts, shoes with no socks (sometimes I’ve seen sandals too!) with a lowly sweat-jacket or windbreaker.  I will never, ever, understand.

Winterwear in Chicago


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