Wednesday Winter

funny pictures - Cat Hit by SnowI don’t actually know how many days it is until Spring, and around here, it doesn’t really matter what the calendar says.  Have you seen the pictures I’ve posted taken on the 1st day of Spring?  There’s a reason I call it “Sprinter.”  While we had a fantastic New Years Eve, weather wise for us, now it’s in the single digits tonight, likely to stay that way the next few nights to come at least, and that means that whatever the thermometer is, it’s really colder because we have that stupid thing called “wind chill,” which is what the air really feels like.

I used to have a friend in high school who often wistfully said, “Oh, I hope it’s a white Christmas this year.”  Yeah, she needed a good smackin’!  I didn’t even know what a “White Christmas” was, other than a song, until I was in my teens.  Once I saw it, I realized that snow belongs in only 3 places – snow globes, postcards and Lake Tahoe. 

Ahhhh, okay!  I got my annual snow-b#tch out of my system.  😀

We watched these awesome DVD’s I got at the library – a set of clips from the Ed Sullivan show.  Remember that?  It was all music clips, so really, almost like MTV before there was MTV.  I watched the years from ‘65-‘70 and boy did it bring back some memories!  I was cracking up at Herman’s Hermits – “2nd verse, same as the 1st!” and they way they bopped around on stage.  They really should have bottled all that energy!  So much music from when I was a tiny thing, with older teen siblings who listened to the rock stations of the day.  I remember seeing the album for the Chambers Brothers and wondering how they could all be brothers.  “How did all those black men get a white brother?” I asked my sister.  I think she told me he was adopted. 

I had to look up Mama Cass after seeing the Mamas and Papas, to find out just when she died.  She didn’t really die from eating a ham sandwich.  I knew that, you knew that, but can you believe that rumor still persists?  The Jackson 5, the Supremes, Tom Jones – oh my goodness, I had “Delilah” going through my head all the next day!  LOL 

It was so much fun walking down memory lane.  I know if I ever get the money, I’m going to be a sucker for those Time-Life video things that are like 986 disk sets of “all your favorite music!”

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Winter

  1. Herman’s Hermit’s energy, yeah, that stuff comes in bottles, pill bottles. They were on speed. All of those British invasion bands were on speed. All of them.

    Hahahaha! Well, okay, you have a point! LOL

    I love those commercials for the Time Life collections. My favourite is the 60s music one hosted by Peter Fonda in a leather jacket. C’mon!
    Or the soft rock collection hosted by both guys from Air Supply. Then they started jamming an acoustic version of All Out of Love.
    Peabo Bryson hosted the soul music collection. That’s a pretty good collection too.
    But there was one other one that always caught my attention. The classic rock collection hosted by Roger Daltrey.

    There was this other collection though of DVDs instead of CDs. A collection of Midnight Special episodes. That one I’ve seen parts of. It’s really good. The commercial for that one had either Loggins or Messina, I don’t remember which one. Or maybe it was both of them.

    It was Loggins! I saw that one, back when we still had cable. I used to watch Midnight Special so a lot of those clips I’d seen “in real time.” I think I want that one first. 😀

    And now you’ve got All Out of Love stuck in your head.

    HA! No I don’t! It’s the theme to the Midnight Special! … “.. shine it’s ever-lovin’ light on meeee!” Complete with the Wolfman Jack wolf howl. 😀


  2. Almost! Spring is in 74 days! 🙂

    I had to check out the song Delilah… didn’t quite tickle my fancy. Matt and I love checking out 80’s/90’s music videos for songs we used to hear all the time growing up… and still rock out to in the car when they come on.

    Ah, but when you’re 3 or 4, those “Why, why, whyyyyyyy Delilahhhhhhh!” lyrics are pretty fun to sing along to. 😉 Even though you have NO clue what the song is about, heh.

    A-Ha – Take On Me
    Tears for Fears – Shout
    Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire
    Bonnie Raitt – Somethin’ to Talk About

    And now I’m making a play list…

    Those are great songs too! Isn’t music wonderful? It’s the closest thing we have to time travel I think. 🙂

    Hey! Just noticed the new URL! When did you start that one? Now I’m off to check it out. 🙂


    • It is like time-travel! That’s brilliant!

      hehe, Matt and I started on New Years… we’ll see how it goes. Thought it would be fun to keep track of things.

      I think that’s an awesome idea! An online pregnancy journal. 🙂 One day your baby might be really interested in seeing that.


  3. It’s been in the minus single digits here for quite a while now. I’m SICK of it.

    I’m a member of that club too. At least the dues are free, although that’s a pretty small consolation. Warmth would be much better. Harumph.


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