An Open Letter

(Been meaning to write this one for a while.)

Dear fellow library patron,

I know how proud you must be of little Junior and/or Juniorette, now that they can put disks into the DVD player by themselves.  And I know how important it is to you to make sure your toddler has healthy snacks.

But for the love of God, please make sure the snacks have been wiped off the disks before you return them to the library!

Often I fear that what I find on the disks I rent isn’t masticated food at all, but some other dried bodily fluid that I really don’t want to know what it is.  Do I really need a haz-mat suit just to watch movies from the library?  Do you know what I have to go through every week with cleaning off the disks before we can watch them?  And Lord have mercy on my DVD player if we don’t check a disk before we put it in.  Just how many DVD cleaner kits do you think I can afford?!

I am aware that the current mentality is, “Hey, what do I care, it doesn’t belong to me!”

Let me tell you, your attitude needs an adjustment.  And you need a spanking.  When something doesn’t belong to you, you’re supposed to take better care of it than you would your own. 

Now, we have to share the library movies and books.  I have been doing my part to make sure that the things I borrow are returned in as good, or better condition than I got them.  I don’t think it’s too much to expect you to do the same.

Thank you.

Fellow Library Patron,


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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter

  1. Ewww that’s gross! I would be so pissed! You’d think that the library would check all of the DVDs when they are returned to make sure they are in good shape.

    I wish our library rented movies on DVD, that would be pretty nifty.

    I wish they would run them through one of those little disk cleaning machines when they were returned, so they’d be ready to go for the next customer. But no. *sigh*

    I thought it was awesome when I found out our library rented movies. A great idea! Maybe you could suggest it to your library.


  2. And that’s just what’s on DVDs at the public library. Wait till you see what’s on the DVDs from the pubic library.

    Ha! Had to read that one twice, thought you’d made a typo. I have seen what’s on those disks. I don’t think they have anything more recent than probably 2 yrs old. But hey, it’s free. I’ve been driving my family crazy with documentaries lately since the movie selection has been pretty poor.


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