Tuesday Travels

First stop, Rhode Island!

Now, I’m still feeling my way through this, but I thought something like a scenic survey might be fun.  It’s not like you need a book report on each state, right?  Although as a homeschool mom, those kinds of facts are always interesting to me!  America is a beautiful country, and I’d like to spotlight a little bit of its beauty and interesting attractions.  🙂

How about we start with some nice pictures from the states, and if you want more information, let me know in the comments.  🙂

As always, all pictures will be linked so click directly on them if you’d like more information.









Here are some links if you’d like more information on Rhode Island:

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels

  1. Little known fact: Rhode Island is not an island.

    *gasp* No! You’re kidding, right?


  2. The picture I was most drawn to was the adirondaks in front of the lake (bay? I know nothing about RI). Very peaceful.

    That one really spoke to me too for some reason. I felt like the chairs were waiting for me and Darc to sit down. Very well done photo. 🙂


  3. I love the blues in the photo of the lighthouse.

    Aren’t they lovely? Like sparking sapphire. 🙂


  4. Well, as lovely as the photos are… have you been there? What’s worth checking out? What’s Rhode Island known for? If I go there, what’s the one thing I MUST see/do/try before I left town?

    I guess I want the whole lesson from the teacher 🙂

    Ha! You’re killing me! LOL Nope, I’ve never been there. I remember it’s called “The Ocean State” and it’s the smallest, 13th admitted to the Union, last of the original 13 states.

    Anything else you’d like to know, that’s why I put the links at the bottom. 😀


    • Now, I do recall it is one of the original 13! I remember covering that in Sciences Humaines classes in school.

      You had a good teacher. 🙂 And a great memory!


  5. My family is from Rhode Island, many of my cousins still live there, and I’ve been there a few times. The touristy things I remember doing include the Newport Mansions–very fancy!–and a trip our whale watching. Oh, and my favorite uncle and I went to Block Island. That was probably my favorite thing.

    And my family all say my name in the lovely Rhode Island way–Mahdah. ha!

    It’s a good place.

    It looks like a gorgeous place. 🙂 One day I hope to visit there.

    Mahdah. I like it. 😀 It’s unique and rolling. 🙂


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