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This Week’s Thoughts

My thoughts are in Tucson this week.  So are my prayers. 

I despise Westboro Baptist Church.  As I said on my political blog, there is nothing Baptist nor Christian about them and they should be ashamed of themselves.  The same can be said for Markos Moulitsas.  There is no difference between him and Fred Phelps.  They are the same. 

I’m sick of the media spinning lies and opinions that have no basis in facts.

I’m worried about the homeless – it’s freaking cold here and about to get colder. 

I’m grateful we’ll finally be able to replace the bald tires on our car next week.

I’m wondering who’s going to win the Divisional Championships this weekend.  Naturally I’m rooting for the Patriots!  Also the Packers, Seahawks, and Ravens. 

I’m so thankful for my phone.  My husband picked the perfect one for me.  I love it love it love it.  🙂

I can’t believe the blankety-blank-blanks who run IL just voted in a 66% income tax hike on state taxes.

I’m so excited I was able to get Sarah Palin’s latest book from the library.

I found a site to list movies, like Shelfari is for books, Flixter is for films.  Now I can keep track of those I see so hopefully I won’t forget so much anymore! 

I had this weird dream that Darc and I built this huge house, and then had a party for the NFL.  And their wives and kids, all the executives and owners.  Good grief, there’s something like 1500 players alone!  How could I fit all those people in one house?  Dreams are fun.  🙂

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