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Pocket Full


I was a busy girl this weekend.  I got some of my household chores done early, and we got the grocery shopping done so Darc could have all day Sat and Sun to kick back and relax.  And I even made a little pouch for my cell phone.

See, a phone I got several years ago fell out of the pocket designed for it on the purse I had at the time.  The pocket was horizontal and the Velcro on the strap gave out and one day my phone fell out at a store we’d been shopping in.  Fortunately, I was able to figure out where I’d lost it and I was also lucky enough that some kind soul found it and turned it in to the girls at the register.  Ever since then I’ve had this “thing” about losing my phone.  I put the wrist strap on the phone, and bought a clip for it, along with one of those clipping coily cord things that people often use for keys and whenever I went someplace, I made sure my phone was clipped to my purse.  I also got a new purse with a better cell phone pocket. 

But the new phones we got don’t have anywhere I can clip anything.  No wrist strap, nothing.  I’ve been walking around Walmart just holding it in my hand – partly because I found this awesome little grocery app and partly because I’m paranoid about losing my phone.

So, brilliantine that I am (HA!  I heard that!  Shut up!) I decided to make myself a little pocket for my phone that I could wear like a necklace.  I have all that fabric now, remember?  So I got some nice ribbon and stitched this up over the weekend.  I’m thinking of getting like an FBI patch to stick on it or something.  ;) 

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