I was browsing the news last night – wow!  How fun!  This new computer Darc got is pretty awesome.  Even though we don’t yet have our own Internet connection, we’re getting decent speeds from the connection we’re able to get.  We’ve gone from “very low” on the old boat anchor, all the way up to “fair” on this one.  I’m dizzy from it!  Plus the screen … oh my gosh I can SEE!  Open-mouthed smile

Re-establishing our own Internet connection has been a big topic of conversation here in the Darc House, and we’re excited at the probability of that happening in the near future.  One bite at a time.  We’ve decided that when we do, we’re going to go with an Internet only package, no TV.  There were several reasons for it, but one of the major ones is family time.  We like spending time together as a family and sitting down to watch the latest episode of some show while the kids go off into their room to play because they’re not interested in “grown-up shows” is not how we want to be.  Plus, we’re really not excited at the prospect of them being glued to Nick Jr or Noggin or whatever the current kids TV station is. 

We do love watching movies however. 

Getting movies from the library has been a boon.  You can’t beat free!  But, it’s also kind of discouraging knowing you’re not going to find anything more recent than maybe 2-3 years old, IF you’re lucky.  So, when we found out that once we have an Internet connection we can stream movies through the Wii, we were all over that.  Netflix was on our list of future additions to the electronic family here.  Plus, we really love being able to watch DVD’s.  We LOVE our pause button while we dissect and talk about the movie we’re watching. 

Then I read this article: Netflix Is Abandoning DVDs, Customers Who Prefer DVDs. 

Can I just say I’m REALLY not happy about this?  I don’t want to stream all my movies, as much as I love the idea of being able to do so.  What if my connection goes down for some reason while we’re in the middle of a movie?  I want the hard copy!  I like the idea of options and I’m not pleased that Netflix wants to remove those options. 

I had Netflix several years ago when they first came out and I loved the service.  Bonus points too because I hated Blockbuster.  Do you know how hard it is to get decent customer service at Blockbuster? 

Now I find myself thinking I’ll go with Blockbuster for my movie rentals when I’m finally able to utilize a service like that.  They do DVD’s AND streaming – although I don’t yet know if they’ll stream through a Wii – but it kind of bites to have to go back to them.  The one I liked is letting me down, before I even had the chance to re-join them!  Back to the freaking drawing board, and here I thought my research was all done.  *sigh*


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5 thoughts on “Whine

  1. Onyx

    Um… is your local Blockbuster even still open? Blockbuster went bankrupt in the US, I remember reading they were shutting them all down, and the Canadian side keeps making statements saying they’re “in fine standings”… lol but they’ll shut down in a year or two.

    Oh yeah, it’s still there. We were there last week.

    I love having Netflix. I had never lived in a community with a BB until a couple years ago, and I was really let down. I expected… a far superior service. But BB felt more like an independently opened operation, like the ones you see in convenience stores. It was… crap to say the least. Netflix isn’t super recent, there are movies that are only a year old on there, too, but at the same time… it’s so much cheaper! We ditched out cable when we moved here, and honestly, I can’t see us ever going back to it. We use Netflix for TV shows and movies when we want something to do on a lazy day, and since we have a PS3, we can download brand new movies off the Playstation Network (PSN), and I can buy a PSN card whenever we want to add funds to our account, instead of paying for it each month and not using it.

    I expected better service too. Last time I used BB – back in 2005 – the kid was so rude to me!

    I’ve never been crazy about having to have a hard copy of a movie in my hands. I’ve had too many DVDs rented from BB, or some other movie place, the disc has messed up in the middle of it, called the place, or driven back over to the store, and had them argue with me and tell me “your DVD playing device is the problem” and not replace the disc, or clean it, or anything. I’ve wasted too much time on them.

    You bring up a great point, which is something I’ve complained about before regarding the library disks. Still, I like being able to pause and rewind and whatnot, see what the special features are. And for times like now, when we don’t have broadband … well, you know. Disks are good.

    We’ve had two issues since signing up for Netflix back in September (we signed up the instant we heard they went live in Canada). Twice, we’ve had nights where the movie/show messed up in the middle, for whatever reason. We fiddled with it, tried re-streaming, but nothing worked. Decided to give up, and go to bed, and by morning, there was an email asking us about the quality of the program we’d watched, and our thoughts on it, to please contact them, and they’d get right on it. So we tried them again, and they worked fine. They seem to be quite aware of when an issue takes place, whether you contact them of not. I’ve been quite happy with the service in that respect.

    I was happy with them before too – back 2001/2003. I was just a little miffed to see they’re going to do away with the DVDs and want to charge more for them in the meantime.


    • Onyx

      And I also despise late fees. Until we moved here, our schedules for work were very scattered, we were both called in constantly, and either missed out on a movie because of it, or paid a late fee because we really wanted to watch it, so would keep it another night.

      I hate that too. And I hate having to make the trip back … in the cold … or the heat.

      We started using the Playstation Network when it went live in the summer, and it’s much nicer. I have the movie for 30 days, or 48 hours. Whichever comes first. The second I start streaming the video, I have 48 hours to watch it.

      I truly despise Blockbuster.

      I’m not a fan either. Like I said before, my last experiences were consistently bad. The one we live by now has been okay, but we’ve only been there a couple of times.


  2. I wouldn’t mind the streaming-only service if all, or even most, of the titles were available online. Problem is, I have trouble finding things I want to stream, and then for some reason my Wii’s connection is touchy so it ends up pausing for minutes at a time.

    Really, it’s title availability for me. If it weren’t for the hubs’ sports, we would probably do okay with no cable.

    Ahh, but with a decent computer and a good connection, you can watch the games, or at least the highlights, on the computer. 🙂 I suspect Darc will be doing that next fall. 😀


    • He can’t stand being limited to highlights. You should hear him bellyache when the Cowboys have a game on the NFL network. lol

      LOL I thought Darc would be that way too, but when we had cable, he caught that Red Zone show and loved it. All the highlights, none of the waiting around for great plays.


  3. Congrats on the new machine. That’s so cool you got to watch a video!

    It rocked! 🙂

    Until you get NetFlix: Have you tried Hulu.com? Free movies & TV programs. A good selection to get you by!

    We have – the connection isn’t so good right now so there’s still a lot of skipping and stalling. Things don’t load very well.

    And if your TV & new computer both have a HDMI connection, a $10 cable will let you view your PC on your TV.


    A great tip! I’ll have to remember that. 🙂 Our TV is pretty old though – ancient by tech standards, lol. 🙂 Oh well, it works.


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