Monday Mundanity

funny dog pictures - Dear Monday Morning,  Go Away.

For some reason, I am not prepared for the week to begin.  I mean, I’m prepared in the sense that things are done: shirts are ironed, lunch is made, stuff like that.  But it feels like the weekend wasn’t long enough.  I need more Saturday! 

One cool thing – a friend of mine from high school found some pictures taken of the 2 of us back then.  That was fun to see!  Open-mouthed smile

The cold here was brutal over the weekend.  But at least the oil is changed in the car now.  Whew! 

My daughter was so upset that both green teams didn’t make it into the Super Bowl.  She was especially glad the blue team lost, because she hates blue, because her brother likes blue.  Remember when all of life was that simple?  LOL  Yeah, me either, but I still miss it.  Smile

So what’s on your agenda for the week?

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2 thoughts on “Monday Mundanity

  1. Not fair! You can’t tell us about pictures and then not show them! 😉

    Check your email sweetie. 🙂 Can’t show them on the blog, so I emailed you one.


  2. For this week, I’ve got lots of work stuff to do. Also, my mother and I are taking my brother out for lunch on his birthday. At the end of the week, there is supposed to be a guy’s night out with a bunch of guys I haven’t seen since September if not longer. That could be fun.

    Oh that’ll be fun! Get togethers like that are usually a blast. 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your brother!


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