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Did you guess Connecticut?  I want to ride that train and that riverboat!  What a beautiful place it is.  I can’t wait to visit.  Smile

More information on Connecticut:


Visit Connecticut! The Official Connecticut State Vacation Guide

Visit Connecticut: A guide to CT travel, tourism, vacations, hotels, food, and attractions


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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels

  1. Connecticut always raises an important question: Who was the boss?
    Was it Angela? Single mother and successful ad executive.
    Was it Tony? Single father and male housekeeper.
    Was it Mona? Was it Sam? Was it Johnathan?

    LOLOL That was set in CT? I would never have remembered that!


  2. I’ve been there, but wouldn’t have guessed Conn. with the riverboat pic!


    Isn’t it lovely? So much beauty in our nation. 🙂


  3. I might be seriously misremembering but don’t you like to read true crime? Or mysteries?

    Well, if so, and you’re “visiting” Connecticut, consider this memoir I read a few weeks ago–Girls of a Tender Age.

    It is more memoir than crime, but I found it compelling–and it is the book that got me to look more closely at events in my own hometown and past.

    And it takes place in Connecticut!

    Oooh! Thanks for the tip! And yes you did remember well. 🙂 I’ll put a search in for it at my library, see if they have it. Sounds like a good one. 🙂

    Quick update – they have it, and it’ll be available next month. 🙂


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