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imageY’all hate the travel posts, don’t you?  (Just for giggles, there’s a poll at the bottom of this post – would you take it please?  Thanks!)  Thing is, I really don’t want to do the other 47 if you hate them. 

My daughter has decided that now is the time to play in mommy’s old make-up.  She’s 5.  *eyeroll*  Last week I had to put lipstick on her.  Yesterday it was green eyeshadow.  I didn’t even know I had green eyeshadow!  She found it in some gift bag thing I had.  I figured I had a few years yet, but now I see I’m going to have to put bars on the windows and get that 12-gauge much sooner than anticipated. 

Is it just me, or has a good portion of the blogosphere fallen away?  Seems like a lot of people aren’t blogging anymore.  I miss them. 

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