imageY’all hate the travel posts, don’t you?  (Just for giggles, there’s a poll at the bottom of this post – would you take it please?  Thanks!)  Thing is, I really don’t want to do the other 47 if you hate them. 

My daughter has decided that now is the time to play in mommy’s old make-up.  She’s 5.  *eyeroll*  Last week I had to put lipstick on her.  Yesterday it was green eyeshadow.  I didn’t even know I had green eyeshadow!  She found it in some gift bag thing I had.  I figured I had a few years yet, but now I see I’m going to have to put bars on the windows and get that 12-gauge much sooner than anticipated. 

Is it just me, or has a good portion of the blogosphere fallen away?  Seems like a lot of people aren’t blogging anymore.  I miss them. 

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11 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. My oldest came home with eyeliner on yesterday. She says lots of girls are already wearing makeup in the sixth grade. I can remember my mom not letting me wear makeup till I was 13, and it was torture waiting. I guess I’ll start letting her wear eyeliner now. Sigh.

    6th grade now? Wow. And here I’ve been thinking my mother let me start wearing it way to early at 14 when I started high school. I’ve already told MiniNess she can’t wear it outside until she’s 16.

    I am the Ogremom!


  2. Sounds like YOU don’t like the travel posts!


    But I DO like them! It’s just that I don’t get any hits on them, maybe 2 or 3 if I’m lucky.


  3. I can take or leave the travel posts. I like to look at pretty pictures. On the other hand I do find blog posts most interesting when they are connected personally to the life of the author.

    Well there’s a lot of truth in what you say Spark. However, people seemed to like (or hate!) the shoe posts and those weren’t really connected to me personally so I’m feeling kind of unsure here. I was looking for something a bit fresher than shoes, but I think it’s a fail.


    • Ah, but I think the shoes WERE connected to you personally. You had something to say about all of them, put together the themes, and were clearly more interested in them yourself. Maybe that’s the key.

      Well, touche, that’s a good point you’ve got me on. Clearly I’ll have to put more thought into this. Thanks dolly. 🙂


  4. Onyx

    I agree with Sparkling Red. I think I would find them more fascinating if you had stuff to talk about with the pictures… places you’ve been. I like to read about thoughts and memories.

    Thanks for the input Onyx. 🙂 You, Sherri, and Spark have all given me something to think about. 🙂


  5. Well, it seems you get a lot of hits on your Chicago-hating post, right? So, people do have an interest in places. Like others have suggested, you have to put your own, DarcsTwist on them. Like, top ten serial killers of Florida. Ten reasons no one honeymoons in Delaware. Cults of Idaho. How to live in Utah if you’re not Mormon. I’m just throwing random foolish thoughts at you, but you get the idea. I’d strongly suggest, Ten Ways Texans Teach Their Children to LOVE Texas.

    And consider asking your readers for their opinions on states and such. Ask them things tourists should never do in their state or ask for three reasons why they choose to live there or why they dream of living somewhere else.

    The travel posts are a good idea, but you could really make them different–which would mean more hits because otherwise they can get the same info elsewhere.

    Or–and I am getting carried away now–do a kind of ghost tour of America. Famous murders in different states. Everyone likes a little blood and mayhem after all.

    Or make it a game. We can only save ten states from destruction. Everyone ill have to move to one of the ten (or they die). Argue which ten they should be and why.


    Mayhaps I should shut up now.

    I look forward to your response. 😉

    I think your ideas are brilliant. Those are so awesome I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome they are.

    My plan was to showcase some of the beauty that is our nation, and I can still do that, but I love the way you suggested the “DarcsTwist.”

    Genius hon. Thank you so much for those ideas, and for sparking me. 🙂

    And I’m wondering if you’re going to do the post on Texan kids loving Texas? 😉


  6. I haven’t seen any travel posts. I’ve been so busy I can’t seem to catch up on my reading (or writing) and I think some posts disappear.

    I’ve been doing travel posts on Tuesdays to replace the shoe posts.

    As for the make up…my daughter started playing with it when she was young, which gave her ample time to learn to apply it properly. I’m a no make up sort of person and she needed the practice so she didn’t look like a trailer park ‘ho.

    LOL There is a technique to it I guess. I know in high school I was in love with blue eyeshadow. I’m so glad I’m not 15 anymore! For more reasons than 1!


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