Tuesday Travels

I can see a lighthouse waaaaay down the coastline there. 

I wonder if it’s Autumn.  Looks like Autumn to me.  What do you think?  Winking smile


The city may not be the most pristine, but check out that rainbow! 

Bear?  In New Jersey?  For real?!

The power of nature, man’s ingenuity, combined for your viewing pleasure.

Ringwood Manor, considered to be the most haunted place in New Jersey.  As far as houses go, this looks like an awesome place to live.  And if I lived there, it wouldn’t be haunted anymore.  Smile

The Spy House, Port Monmouth, NJ also considered to be one of the most haunted places in NJ.

Meet Charles Cullen
Charles Cullen is considered to be the worst serial killer in NJ history.  He was a nurse, and killed as many as 45 patients.  Okay, hospitals were creepy enough, thank you!  *shudder*  It took 15 years for him to be caught.  You know, hospitals are probably the best place for a serial killer.  Patients who are ill and can’t really fight back would be easy prey. 

Want more info on New Jersey?  You can click here, or any of the pictures – all have linky love.  Smile

Thanks Marta for all your terrific thoughts!

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One thought on “Tuesday Travels

  1. Which Springsteen song would you like me to start quoting?

    Eww! None! Why would I want you to do that?! He creeps me out.


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