This Week’s Thoughts

I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to be able to watch some videos again.  Now, I can’t do the long ones, and I still have the hiccup and stalling issues – it often sounds like a bad connection on a cell phone.  But if I take it slow and watch a bit at a time and let it buffer all the way, sometimes I can get to see moving pictures.  Open-mouthed smile  This one made my week.  Oh who am I kidding, it made my yearSmile  A special shout out to Mountain Republic and Carl D’Agostino for sharing this one. 

A most amazing and inspiring tour of our nation’s capital. 🙂


I love looking at pictures of earth from space.  Smile  The amazing photos of life on Earth taken from space by Nasa and European Space Agency satellites


I got brains on the brain, heh.  Smile  6 Things That Kill Your Memory but don’t despair, there are 5 Daily Brain Exercises to help you from losing your memory.


Snow.  How could I possibly not think about snow today?  We got close to 2’ dumped on us.  And the coolest thing happened.  We knew we had to go dig out the car.  We waited until the afternoon, hoping that the sidewalk guy would come and clear those, but he didn’t.  The snow was hip high to me when I walked outside.  We saw the lady parked next to us, the one with the drifts to her window, and she didn’t have a shovel either.  She’s an Asian lady and is shorter than I am, and skinny too.  The poor tiny little thing was out there trying to brace against wind that bent her to a 90° angle.  All she had was a little dustpan, and the handle broke off while she was trying to scoop her car out.  I saw the guy with the truck plow stop and hand her a snow shovel and then keep going.  I was coated up, waiting for Darc to join me, and we went out and did the shoveling for her and helped her get her car out. 

After she got going, the truck plow guy came ‘round again and we told him we had his shovel now – the community shovel, lol.  He saw that we had drifts about 4’ high behind our car.  He circled around and came back and plowed out our car.  I mean he got that plow within 4” of our bumper so all we had to shovel ourselves was just that small area.  Hallelujah!  It was like watching a plow artist at work, LOL, it was amazing. 


So what’s on your mind today?

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7 thoughts on “This Week’s Thoughts

  1. Sometimes it’s best to leave all commenting to the immortal Linda Ronstadt:
    When the snow starts a-fallin’
    There’s a man you should be callin’
    That’s KL5-4796,
    Let it ring!
    Mr. Plow is a loser,
    And I think he is a boozer,
    So you better make that call to the Plow King!

    I remember that one! It made me feel really bad for Barney.


  2. Yay for snow plows! They plowed our roads, but it’s still slick as can be, according to the hubs, who went back to work this morning. I sure hope Knyt makes it all right.

    Thankfully, he did! Woo! I guess it was still below 0 when he left too, he said there was actually ice inside the car.


  3. We had about 2′ come down last night, we went out to shovel the first foot of it when Matt came home from work last night, and around 1am, we were still up, so we went out to shovel again since it finally seemed to let up. Good thing we did, we live on a side road, which doesn’t get plowed much, so the plow left a dump of snow in front of our care piled over the hood. So it saved Matt a big headache in the morning to try and get out.

    That’s a big whew!

    That was so kind of you to help that lady, and so nice of the plow driver to help you guys out! Good deeds are such a wonderful thing, they just brighten a persons day.

    I went to the office today to say thanks. 🙂 Management was pleased!


  4. Mars and memory were good. Thanks for posting

    My pleasure! 🙂 That was an inspiring video you shared too, I want to buy the series now!


  5. That was awful nice of the plow guy!

    And awful nice of y’all helping out the lady in need!

    Seeing any blue sky today?

    Blue sky is scary in winter! That’s when the deep freeze hits. I have learned to fear the winter blue, lol. And yes, today was brilliantly blue.



  6. Two feet?! Holy crap! I can’t believe I’m complaining about our little snow storm.

    Heh, yeah. 2 feet. There are still huge piles of it everywhere where the plows have dumped it. It’s treacherous trying to see around them in parking lots and stuff where you really need that visibility. How much did you guys get?


    • We only got around 6″ but then the wind drifted it in the most annoying spots. Last night we had insane wind and it ripped some of the siding off my house. Arg! One more thing I need to fix.


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