So what was the big cause for all the excitement on Friday, you ask?  At least, those of you who also follow either me or my husband on FaceBook did. 

Well, it’s this – we finally got our own Internet service, and no longer have to rely on the borrowed connection from the complex here. 

Can I have a “WOO!”?  Open-mouthed smile

We found this awesome service, and we have 2 weeks to try it out and we can return it any time for free within those 2 weeks if we don’t like it for any reason.  So that’s pretty nice.  The price is reasonable, if we move we can take it with us, and heck, if we travel we can take it with us.  Sweet, huh?

And sooo freaking easy to set up!  I just plugged it in and there were like 3 steps and voilá!  Online!  Fast speeds too.  The first thing I did was log into my favorites list on YouTube and start watching some videos I haven’t seen in a year.  Like this one:

I want to do this if we ever renew our vows!

What a joyful way to wed!

And I’ll tell you a secret.

Remember when I did my own SSRLP?  (Super Secret Real Life Project)  Well, I finally got paid.  And … and … and … I ordered my own computer!  Oh my gosh, even typing it, it still seems so unreal!

For close to 2 years now I’ve gone without my own computer.  You have to remember, Darc and I each had our own computers when we met – heh, that’s HOW we met! – so we were always a 2 comp family.  He had his space, I had mine.  But for these 2 years we’ve had to share.  I think we did pretty well readjusting like that.  But sometime within the next 7 days I will have my own brand spankin’ new computer.  Can I have an “amen!”?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, even new computers and Internet connections.  Open-mouthed smile

1TB.  I’m still pinching myself. 

Now I have to go find a spot on my desk to put it.  My desk!  I haven’t sat at my desk for any length of time in almost 2 years!  I am so excited I can barely contain myself.  Open-mouthed smile

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9 thoughts on “Marvelous

  1. Yay! What’s your ISP? I want to be able to travel with my connection too!

    CLEAR So far so good! One hiccup on Sun night but they had us back up in like 45-60 min. Apparently it was an entire area thing.


  2. Congrats DF! So happy for you!

    Carl sent me this vid the other day – thought you could try it out on your new connection!


    Thanks MR! 🙂

    I’ll check it out later tonight when I have some free time. 🙂


  3. I am moving in a week or so. What exact problems did you have for total building internet? My comp guy has me on Linux 10 so circumvents lots of junk so all I need is a signal.

    Oh it was nothing like that. We had to cut back on expenses last year so cable had to go, and we relied on the on the complex has. It wasn’t terrible, but it was very slow and not always reliable. But, it was free.

    This service, CLEAR, is very portable. 🙂 Check it out, it might be something that works for you. Good luck with your move! Will you be staying local?


  4. Woo! and
    Amen! and

    Hurry for streaming video! I take it for granted. I can’t imagine doing without.

    Thanks Spark. 😀 *hug*

    I hope you never have to imagine it. 🙂


  5. Onyx

    Ooooh exciting! 🙂 So happy for you guys to have your own Internet connection, and for you to have your own computer!

    Congrats on the goodies

    Thank you sweetie. 🙂 It sure feels nice to be able to breathe a little bit.


  6. Oh, lots of awesome news! Enjoy!

    Thank you so much! 🙂


  7. The video wouldn’t play, but I think it’s the same thing they had on The Office, which is one of my favourite episodes.

    Great news on the computer! I’m so far behind you probably have it already.

    It was the video of that couple’s wedding, where they entered dancing. 🙂 I don’t know what the issue is with the video. Sorry!

    I do! Thanks. 🙂


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