Tuesday Travels

Vineyards?  In NH?  Wow, I thought it’d be way too cold to grow grapes that far north!  I wonder how the wine is.


Not in a million years, but some of you more daring souls might like a zip line.


Train!  Oooh, look at those colors! 


I love the view.  I want to live where there are mountains in my view.  Smile


Moose?  I guess I always thought of moose as living more west.


Henniker House
”When you think of New Hampshire, ghosts and haunted houses probably don’t come to mind. That’s probably because you’ve never heard of "Ocean-Born" Mary and the haunted house in Henniker, New Hampshire.”

Haunted Places in New Hampshire

Oddly enough, New Hampshire doesn’t seem to be home to any serial killers.  It does have a spot in serial killer history though, as one of the first documented American serial killers, Herman Webster Mudgett, was born in NH.  He committed his murders however, in Chicago.  

While I’ve never been to NH, I do have a tiny bit of a connection with it.  When I was a young girl in 6th grade in CA, we had a new student come to our school.  He’d recently moved from NH.  That was as good as a foreign country to us.  We all bombarded him with questions about snow and cold and asked him why he spoke like he did.  I don’t think any of us had ever heard a New England accent before in our short lives.  He was a cutie though, with a happy smile that made crinkles at the corners of his eyes.  All of us girls, all 7 of us (it was a small school) naturally wanted to “go steady” with him.  I was the 1st to win that enviable position and was his “girlfriend” for 2 whole weeks I think, before he “moved on” to one of the other girls.  He did not get my first kiss though.  Smile  We just talked a lot on the phone, lol. 

For more information on New Hampshire, <<—click the state!

As always, all pics are linked to their original websites.  Click them to find out more.

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels

  1. I was working in Boston last summer. Had a day off & went for a trip to NH. Beautiful state – would love to get through there in the fall to see the color change.


    I’ve heard it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to get there one day myself. 🙂


  2. Since it is so cold they probably make wine coolers with the stuff, Or wine Popsicles. Love the train shot. I used to paint old steam engines on 8 ft two man hand saws.

    Wine Popsicles, lol. 😀 I love the old trains too. I’d love to see some of your paintings!


  3. Onyx

    lol we have LOTS of vineyards in Nova Scotia, too, very popular here.

    hehe “go steady” – whenever I hear someone say that, I think of Saved by the Bell

    I’ve been “schooled” on the vintner facts. 🙂 I don’t think I ever saw Saved By The Bell, but the name rings one.

    No one goes steady anymore. It was a cute custom I thought.


    • Onyx

      Saved by the Bell was the American knock off of Canada’s Degrassi, except SBTB revolved around a close knit group of six friends, and their kooky principal, and didn’t cover serious issues. It was more for the sake of comedy. Degrassi had stories going on with lots of different groups of friends, in lots of grades, and covered stuff like teen pregnancy, STDs, suicide, alcohol, homosexuality, drugs, and all that coming of age stuff.

      On SBTB there was a guy named Zack Morris, and he was always after Kelly Kapowski, they were on again, off again, but periodically, would go steady. And all the girls would ooh and ahh when another girl would say “we’re going steady!”

      Degrassi sounds familiar too. I probably saw them sometime while surfing channels a few years ago. I think they were after my time though. I am old enough to be your mother after all. 😉


  4. Your story reminds me of my dad who is from Rhode Island and has that accent. Girls in my southern hometown seemed to really like that accent! Of course, when I hear anyone talk like that, I think–dad. This rather kills the cuteness of it.

    LOL Yeah, that would totally kill it for me too. I guess we all are often drawn to things that are new, especially when we’re kids. 🙂 I never did get used to “i-dee-er” for idea.


  5. P.S. Saw this and thought of you.


    Those are awesome! I love them! What great drawings! Thanks for sharing those with me. 😀


  6. Well. If there aren’t any serial killers in NH, what’s the use visiting that state?

    Hahahaha! I guess that does make it a tad … non-threatening. 😉


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